Reflections as Annual Fund Hits Milestone

Tempus fugit.  (Translation: time passes quickly)   It has been 16 years since we recognized the need to renovate our beloved Chapter House and 12.5 years since the construction work was completed.

The chapter house undertaking a major transformation in 2006 – 2007.

It was an historic undertaking as we decided to renovate our 95 year old chapter house.  At $7.4 million this was the most ambitious building and fundraising campaign to date in the Greek world. We are happy to report that the Delta Delta Chapter House looks as good as it did when the undergraduates moved back in in August 2007.

Annual Fund Reaches $1,000,000

One of the challenges of any organization is to fund ongoing, major ticket repairs and maintenance for a place like Delta Delta.  Through the dedicated efforts of Bernie Sergesketter ’58 and Jim Dora ’58 and the support of hundreds of alumni brothers, the House Corporation’s long term maintenance fund has now reached $1,059,464.  To date we have spent $200,000 from these reserves on major items that needed attention.

$80,000 Needed Annually

To continue to build up our reserves the Annual Fund has an objective to raise $80,000 each year. This annual sum will allow the House Corp to have funds available when major repairs, i.e. roofs, boilers, kitchen equipment, etc. require replacement. This past year we raised $77,777 toward our goal.

Reflections on the Renovation Campaign

As we passed this significant milestone there are so many brothers who have contributed to our chapter’s success. Bart Burrell ‘81, who served as House Corporation President  from 2009 to 2015, remarked, “It is truly an honor to be associated with so many great men. 202 owes you all, not only for the chapter house but for the reputation and values you have left for Delta Delta and those brothers that follow. Think of the lives that will continue to be changed and shaped and the leaders developed because of your efforts. Amazing and inspiring!”

Let’s keep it going!

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I have worked with close to 900 fraternity & sorority house corporations on their capital and annual/alumni relations campaigns on 156 campuses over the last 26 years. The Delta Delta Chapter’s campaign in 2006 is still top 5 in terms of total dollars raised and most importantly #1 in terms of total participation rate of 59%.

The #1 ranking in terms of participation rate shows the true sense of loyalty and commitment of Delta Delta’s alumni. It also speaks to the Delta Delta experience, both as an undergraduate and as alumni. The white cross has a significant meaning to Sigma Chi, but to Delta Delta the white cross shines a little bit brighter for some reason.

It is one thing to raise money to renovate/rebuild a fraternity house, it is another to then maintain and secure the financial future of the Delta Delta by having $1M in reserves. Truly impressive!

Patrick Alderdice
Pennington & Company, Inc.



Having seen a few other Sigma Chi chapters, I can say with certainty that the Brothers of Delta Delta are unsurpassed in achievement, excellence of character, and willingness to lead the way forward, as exemplified by the many brothers who have taken part in this endeavor. I am honored to know you all, and to join in the huzzahs for Bernie, Jim, and Harold who were key to the restoration and ongoing preservation of dear old 202. What a legacy you have left for generations to come.
Greg Harbaugh ’78


Nick Fritsch 1963

> Raising a “toast” to Brother Butch Brose for his selfless shepherding of the summer projects to accomplish the year to year updates to maintain the condition of Our House. Thank you Butch!


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