"Friendship, Justince, and Learning"
~Sigma Chi's Core Values
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Brandon Joseph Cortez (Delta Delta '11)

Brandon Cortez grew up in Evansville, Indiana. He attended Purdue University for the top ranked academics as well as one of the best college atmospheres in the nation. His mother, Tammy Rolink was one of his role models as a young man. While at Purdue University, Brandon was involved with other organizations outside of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He was involved with Old Masters, Gimlet, and also Krannert's Business Opportunity Program Alumni (Class of 2007).

During his time at Sigma Chi he has held many house positions including Consul, Pro Consul, Annotator, Sober Executive, Derby Days, and Dads Day Chair. He also attended BLTW. When asked why he ran for the Consul position, "I ran for Consul just to begin my lifelong journey of paying off my debt to the outstanding organization that is Sigma Chi". Brandon doesn't have a favorite memory as Consul, but that he established a collection of relationships that he created during his time in office. He also appreciated the opportunity to meet so many great people who have made an excellent impact on his life.

Brandon's favorite Sigma Chi memories include all four of his Blue Formal dances because of how amazing 202 Littleton St. looks during the winter months. His only regret is not being more involved outside of the Greek community. His plan for after graduation is to work as an insurance broker for Arthur J. Gallagher's Risk Placement Services in Chicago, IL. Brandon has high hopes for the Delta Delta chapter, "The chapter's future is bright and heading in a great direction. I hope our chapter can continue to maintain unparalleled leadership roles on campus. Also, I hope that all brothers realize all that Sigma Chi has given them and they do all they can to repay that debt".