"Friendship, Justince, and Learning"
~Sigma Chi's Core Values
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Steven Daniel Filie (Delta Delta ’11)

Steven Filie was born in Burbank, California. Growing up in Los Angeles, California Steven was very ambitious to leaving his home state and heading out to the Midwest. Purdue University was the first and only school he applied to. Despite the fact that coming to Purdue meant not knowing anyone, he was able to visit family relatives in Chicago, Illinois during his breaks. His Grandfather and uncle are also Sigs. Once his pledge ship at Sigma Chi began, his life changed. One of his major accomplishments came during the middle of his sophomore year, when Jimmy Castek (Delta Delta ’10) informed him about the tryouts for Purdue Pete, the mascot of Purdue University. Steven admits that even though being Purdue Pete is a major time commitment, he loves doing it because he has a lot of fun making the kids smile and laugh on game days. Steven is also involved with Boiler Steam, which is a student support group provided by the admissions office to help answer or take students on campus tours.

Steven has also been very involved within the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He has held the Assistant Magister, Magister, Social, Recruitment, and Fire Marshall positions while also attending Balfour and volunteering his time in New Orleans for Drew Brees (Delta Delta ’01) and Habitat for Humanity. Steven’s most memorable moment thus far was when his Grandfather flew out to pin him during his initiation. Steven’s biggest regret was wishing he were more involved on campus during his freshman and sophomore year. His plans after college are still undecided, but he would like to get a job or attend graduate school somewhere in the Midwest. His dream would be to live in Chicago, Illinois pursuing a career in teaching and education.