"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Lifelong Purdue Fan Enjoys Role As “Purdue Pete”

A Tradition of Delta Delta “Purdue Petes”

Joining a growing lineage of Delta Delta Purdue Petes, Paul Gabor ‘14 is the latest Sigma Chi to don the Purdue Pete head and hammer and roam the sidelines as the iconic Boilermaker mascot. As a freshman, Paul was encouraged by then seniors Danny Runyon and Steven Filie, who were Purdue Pete’s at the time, to try out for the position as Purdue’s #1 cheerleader.

Purdue Pete a.k.a. Paul Gabor ‘14

Brothers Encourage Trying Out

“Those older guys only had great things to say about being a Purdue Pete and they thought I would be a good candidate, so they convinced me to try out,” Paul remarked. “I had some experience in that kind of role after leading the basketball student section in high school so it definitely interested me. I kind of just fell in love with it and fortunately I made the cut.”

How many Purdue Pete’s are there?

Paul is one of four Purdue Petes. Did you even know there was more than one? The four Pete’s share football game day responsibilities by working the crowd for one quarter of every home game. Paul notes that it can get very hot in their uniforms and the Purdue Pete head is a lot to carry around for long periods of time. Along with home football games, Paul takes part in a couple away games, and various events for other Purdue sports.

Pumping Up The Boiler Fans

As one might expect, Paul says home football games are the most fun. "Pumping up the Boiler fans and being part of the game day excitement with alumni and students is an absolute blast. The best moment for me is interacting with kids. They love meeting me and I do whatever I can to just put a smile on their faces.” Paul remarked that he still smiles for every picture even though he knows no one sees who is under the polyurethane molded Pete head which is made by the aeronautical engineering staff and students specifically for each “Pete".