"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Delta Delta Alums Must Be Playing Too Much Golf

1st Place Honors: Alex Kutanovski, Mike Talbot, Chris Kutanovski and Dave Bordowski

The 22nd annual Delta Delta Alumni Golf Outing took place on June 9th and was another rousing success with over 80 brothers taking part. With putts falling and the birdies being racked up the scores posted indicated some of the brothers must be playing too much golf.

Outstanding Scores Take Top Honors

It was a picture perfect day and the Purdue golf course was in excellent condition which led to some outstanding scores. The 1st Place team of Alex Kutanovski ’03, Chris Kutanovski ’07, Mike Talbot ’06 and Dave Bordowski ’03 completed the four man scramble format at 15 under par.

With two teams tying for 2nd Place at 13 under par, a putt-off in the Great Hall was held to see who took home the 2nd Place plaques. The team of Jim Dishong ’81, Bart Burrell ’81 and Jay Smith ’83 knocked in the winning putt for runner up honors, leaving the disappointed team of Gary Thoe ’79, Jim MacDonald ’80, Corby Thompson ’81 and Lee Sterry ’81 in 3rd Place.

Best Pledge Class Participation Award to the Class of ’68

Brothers Recognized

Some of our other winners were Doug Widell ’68 as our Distinguished Alumnus; Jim Dishong ’81 from San Diego, CA as the Sig travelling the farthest to participate; longest putt, Dan Lawrence ’77; longest drive, Kevin Brown ’14; and closest to the pin, Tim Hull ’81. With a lot of great prizes available everyone went home with a nice memento of the event.

Strong Pledge Class Participation

One of the highlights of this year’s outing was seeing several classes with strong showings and vying for the Pledge Class Participation award. With 10 members of the Class of ’68 returning, this class took top honors. The pledge classes of 1971, 1977 and 2003 all had 8 or 9 brothers returning as well.

John Loop ’77 commented, "The golf, the dinner and the overall camaraderie shared by all the brothers just makes this a great time. Several of us came in the night before and we had a nice time telling old stories with our PB’s."

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors, Organizing Team

Special thanks to this year’s sponsors: Bob Kaley ’68, RJ Weskamp ’68, Preston Cobb ’77, Jay Smith ’83, Dave Westerbeck, ’83, Dave Richter ’84, Jay Andrew ’98, Craig Reed ’99 and Tom Andrew ’03. We also need to thank Bob Burlas ’86 and his golf organizing team of Tony D’Eramo, Jim MacDonald, Brandon Cortez, Tim Maloney, Gunter Haines and Phil Steele.