"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Dad's Day 2012

Football, Poker and Hanging Out

Dad’s Day was held the weekend of October 2 – 4 with many of the undergraduate’s fathers returning for this special event where Dad’s and sons share some great time together.

Several of the Dad’s and their Sigma Chi sons gather at Delta Delta for Dad’s Day 2012.

Upon their Dad’s arrival Friday afternoon the brothers checked in their Dads and took them out for dinner (with their Dad’s picking up the tab). Following dinner fathers and sons returned to the chapter house for an evening of poker and catching up. For the Dad’s willing to get up early and to look a little silly, their sons invited them to join in Purdue’s tradition of Breakfast Club on Saturday morning. Wearing distinctive costumes, Dads and sons enjoyed a few early morning beers together.

Back at the Sig house pizzas arrived for lunch as most of the Dads and Sigs prepared to head over to tailgate parties at Ross Ade stadium prior to the start of the Penn State – Purdue game. A large group of Sigs and Dads were hosted by Jeff McKean and Gary Thoe, whose sons are both sophomores at Delta Delta. Although the football game didn’t turn out in Purdue’s favor, it was a great day to talk about topics other than the Purdue football season.

Saturday evening the Sigs and their Dads were joined by the Kappas and their Dads for a party at Delta Delta. After two long days of hanging out with their sons, many of the Dads headed to bed early while the brothers continued to enjoy the evening’s activities.

As most of the Dads would say, “It was a lot of fun and the time spent with my son was wonderful. But I’m not sure I could party like this every weekend”. That’s O.K. because you have twelve months to get ready for Dad’s Day 2013. See everyone then!