"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

2012 Old Master

Dr. Patrick Loehrer ’75 participated as an “Old Master” in the annual Purdue program that invites leaders from various professions to speak to students and faculty about their professional experience and personal journeys.

Delta Delta Brothers participating in the Old Masters Program (past and present L-R): Justin Isenthal, Phil Steele, Greg Burns, Dr. Pat Loehrer, Dan Marklin, Kevin Brown and Dennis Ding.

Brother Loehrer graduated from Purdue in 1975 with a Mechanical Engineering degree and then attended Rush Medical College in Chicago. Today Pat is Director, IU Simon Cancer Center at Indiana University School of Medicine and Associate Dean, Cancer Research at Indiana University of Medicine.

Pat remarked, “I remember meeting one of the most impressive architects of our time, Gerald Hines ‘46, who visited 202 Littleton as an Old Master when I was at Purdue. I never thought that one day I could be considered in the same breath--- "Old", maybe, but not an "Old Master".

As part of the program Pat was assigned a group of students to host his visit. One of his hosts was Sig Kevin Brown ’14. Other Delta Delta brothers involved in the program this year were Justin Isenthal ‘14, Dennis Ding ‘13, Greg Burns ’14 and Dan Marklin ’13.

Commenting on his visit Pat noted, “To spend some quality time with Kevin Brown, the other hosts and hostesses and these collection of amazing alumni was inspirational. I so appreciated the hospitality of our fellow brothers, the Students and Staff who individually and collectively remind me that making a difference in this life is dependent on making a difference in others, one person at a time.”

During the three day visit (November 4 -6), Brother Loehrer spoke to students in the Engineering and Pharmacy schools, gave a lecture at the Purdue Center for Cancer Research, met with students at different events and had dinner at the Lafayette Theatre with acting Purdue President Tim Sands.

As Dr. Loehrer’s host Kevin Brown reflected, “My experience with Old Masters was a great one. The work that Dr. Loehrer has done over the years, and continues to do every day, is truly inspirational. Dr. Loehrer's story speaks volumes about the type of people who have come from Delta Delta over its nearly 140 year history. The Old Masters program truly does bring together student leaders, and gives them the unique opportunity to connect with distinguished individuals, such as Dr. Loehrer.”

Delta Delta has had a number of alumni participate in the Old Masters program over the years. In each of the last four years Delta Delta has been represented by Pat, Mark Sand ’73, Glenn Weckerlin ’79 and Ron Carpinella ’91. Who’s next?