"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Delta Delta Brothers Serve As Distinguished Visitors At BLTW

Balfour Leadership Training Workshop Distinguished Visitors (L-R) Bart Burrell ’81 and John Buckingham ’75.

Each year the BLTW staff invites a small group of alumni who have made their mark in their professions to take part in BLTW as Distinguished Visiting alumni. These alumni brothers have an opportunity to spend time with different groups of undergraduates and exchange ideas and compare experiences.

BLTW Distinguished Visitors

At this year’s Balfour Leadership Training Workshop two Delta Delta brothers were chosen to be Distinguished Visitors ….. John Buckingham ’75 and Bart Burrell ’81. John, a Significant Sig, is currently a professor of marketing at the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles and also works with various startup companies. Bart is Associate Resident Director, First Vice President -Investments for Merrill Lynch in Lafayette. Bart is also President of the Delta Delta House Corporation.

What A Great Experience At Delta Delta

“What a great experience as a distinguished visitor and especially at Delta Delta,” commented John. “I enjoyed interacting with the Consul's Group and discussing current chapter problems that I had found some solutions for! By far the best interaction was with several undergraduate brothers who approached me at random and wanted advice on their education and career paths.....I am even mentoring a Sig from U of California-San Diego on his entrepreneurship program right now. I also was so impressed with the caliber of the Consul's faculty and their broad experience as leader examples to the undergraduate Consul's.” John further noted, “Seeing the Initiation was spectacular and brought back such vivid memories when I played the Consul role in the initiation the last time Workshop was held at Purdue in 1974. WOW....what strong emotions and I am so proud to be a Delta Delta Sigma Chi!”

A Distinguished Visitor’s Perspective

Bart thought the whole BLTW experience was impressive. He participated in the recruitment discussions and provided his insights from his Delta Delta perspective. Bart reflected, ”the volunteer instructors were all enthusiastic and knowledgeable, a really well run workshop. The brothers were all engaged and took a lot back with them. I also thought Purdue did a very good job in hosting the event.”

Brothers Want To Learn More About Delta Delta

Bart was also in the unique position of splitting his time as a Distinguished Visitor and serving as a host of several events held at the Delta Delta chapter house. He commented, “So many brothers had a real interest in seeing the house as well as hearing how we did things. It was a very humbling experience but one that made me swell with pride. At the same time it comes with a great responsibility to uphold our tradition and reputation.”

Both John and Bart enjoyed the chance to get to know one another better, interact with the undergrads, converse with the other Distinguished Visitors, and be part of BLTW at Purdue. Looking ahead to next year when BLTW returns to Purdue, we fully expect more Delta Delta brothers to take an active role in making the experience a great one for all our visiting Sigma Chi brothers.