"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Class of ’62 Celebrates 50th Reunion

At the Class of ‘62’s Homecoming reunion dinner Saturday evening, each returning brother was presented with a print of John T. McCutcheon’s illustration of the “Old Grad” first published in the Chicago Tribune in 1935. It was a fitting token of the chapter’s esteem for these brothers, as throughout their return to Purdue and 202 Littleton, they could be seen conversing with younger brothers and perhaps even imparting some sage words of wisdom.

Brothers of the Class of ’62 and their Sweethearts return for their 50th Reunion at Delta Delta at Homecoming 2012.

It is always an honor and a visible testimony to our bonds of brotherhood when reunion classes return each year. The Class of ‘62’s weekend started with the majority of the 17 returning brothers and spouses meeting Friday evening over dinner at the Our Time Restaurant where good conversation, food and fellowship were featured. The following morning several from this group attended the House Corporation meeting and Homecoming Brunch held at the Chapter House.

Some Traditions Do Change

Doug Wilton noted that “a number in their group arrived early in the vicinity of Ross-Ade Stadium in order to take in the pregame concert of The Purdue All-America Band at Slater Center. With kick-off scheduled for 12:00 noon, I became a little uneasy with the small crowd assembled at Slater Center, but was assured that the Band would arrive soon. This assurance proved false. By about 11:25 I found that the Band provides pregame entertainment on the Engineering Mall on Homecoming weekends … so I traipsed over the stadium musically un-fulfilled.”

Bill Frey arranged for great seats for the football contest against Wisconsin only to see the day end on a disappointing note with the Boilers losing and most of the crowd heading for the exits early due to miserable rainy weather.

Reunion Dinner At Chapter House Brings Back Memories

The Brothers and their Sweethearts reconvened (after getting dried out) back at the Chapter House for a nicely catered dinner. Phil Steele ‘77, Chapter Advisor Emeritus, updated the guests on the state of the Chapter along with presenting the McCutcheon print to each brother. Doug Wilton stated, “To test the brothers recollection of their undergraduate days, Brother Parrish administered a recycled version of a Vahle quiz from one of our past gatherings. All found this amusing, if also a not-so-welcome reminder of our advancing age and diminishing data-recall capacity. All in all, this was a well-planned and most enjoyable experience for me, and, I infer, for all attending. I salute Brothers Parrish and Frey for their diligence and persistence in presenting a very nice Homecoming weekend for all of us.”

The Spirit of Youth Remains

Our thanks to those returning from the Class of ’62: Dave and Carole Ebner, Don Bauer, John and Char Ester, Eric Helt, Bill and Pat Frey, Bob and Margaret Goodwin, Lloyd Kelley, Bill and Brenda McIndoo, Herman and Judy Metz, Dick and Betty McNairy, Jim and Deanna Parrish, Mike and Marilyn Smith, Gene Kuzma and John & Sandy Westhafer. Also included were Stan Shimer ’61, Doug Wilton ’63 and Donn Griffith ’63.

May we all continue to “retain the spirit of youth.”