"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Sigs Compete In Memorable 2012 Grand Prix

For most students, Grand prix week is anticipated entirely for the social scene; it’s a week to hang with friends and celebrate the spring semester before hunkering down and preparing for finals. For a select group of Sigma Chis, the 2012 race was the culmination of months of preparation and hard work.

Sigma Chi Carts Qualify for Grand Prix Race

Senior Ryan Lee ’12 returned to drive the Sigma Chi #1 cart after finishing third in last year’s race. After working on the pit crew in 2011 sophomore Greg Burns was selected to drive the #2 Sigma Chi cart. While it’s exciting to have two cars in the race, that also meant twice as much preparation and time commitment for those members of the team. After a grueling trial and qualifying phase that saw more than 50 cars contend and only 33 qualify, the number 9 and 99 Sigma Chi cars made the final cut.

Sigma Chi Driver Profiled In Local Paper

Sigma Chi also received additional publicity as the Lafayette Journal & Courier did a profile of Greg Burns who is from Lafayette. You’ll enjoy the story at "Racer Moving Up In Class".

Sigs Rebound From Misfortune

Expectations were high going into race day, but as many of you who follow racing know, aspirations for victory can be ruined in the blink of an eye. Within the first twenty laps, Lee was involved in a crash with the driver from Beta Theta Pi, and was forced to sit out of the race while the Sigma Chi pit crew worked to get the car back on the track. Not too long after Lee’s crash, Burns burnt out his clutch while trying to avoid a wreck, resulting in time spent with repairs as well. While the mishaps ended any chance of a high finish, the great work of the Sigma Chi pit crews allowed Burns and Lee to get back on the track, and finish 19th and 25th, respectively.

Take A Video Tour of the Grand Prix Track

To get a firsthand look at what it is like to be in a Grand Prix cart speeding around the track take a ride with Brother Burns at "Grand Prix Racing".

A Big Thanks To Our Seniors, Sponsors, Alumni and Parents

For seniors and Grand Prix team members Lee, Kyle Fitzsimmons, Ross McCloud, and Justin Isenthal, it was the end of a great few years involved in Purdue Racing; and for those returning next year, a great learning experience to build off of for the 2013 campaign.

Delta Delta would like to thank all our sponsors, alumni and parents who contributed financially and with moral support to this year’s competitive effort. We couldn’t have done it without you.