"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Brothers Share Great Times With Moms

Brothers (L-R) with their Moms: Robby Pevonka, Greg Taivalkoski and Mike McMahon.

In a semester full of highly anticipated social events that include Pledge Dance, Spring Formal, and Grand Prix, it may seem odd that the most looked-forward-to event of the Spring may just be the annual Mom’s weekend. This year’s event was held the weekend of March 23 -25 and was a fun filled time for the Sigs and their mothers who returned to 202 Littleton for all the festivities.

Meeting All The Moms

Friday night the ladies of Chi Omega brought their Moms over to the Delta Delta chapter house to mingle and socialize with the brothers and Sigma Chi Moms. As part of this social gathering it’s always enjoyable to finally be introduced to the Moms of many brothers, or sometimes to renew friendships with Moms who we have met previously. While Friday night is fun, it’s just a warm-up for the big day that follows.

Live Auction, Party and Hanging Out

Saturday began with a silent auction, with gifts being provided by the Moms. It seems that each year the auction items continue to get larger and more elaborate. Unique gifts included customized Sigma Chi lawn chairs and mugs. When every brother and their Mom had arrived, the live auction began with the proceeds going to purchase items for the chapter. Dinner followed the auction with everyone returning later in the evening for our Sigma Chi Mom’s party.

Our Saturday night social event was a time for many moms to “relive” their college days. Seventies and eighties music filled the Great Hall to the enjoyment of many who grew up to that same music. The night was filled with dancing and singing with the brothers of Sigma Chi and their Moms. At one point the stage was completely filled with Moms belting out the lyrics to various Michael Jackson and Madonna songs from the eighties. For many, the night was capped off by a late night food run to either Triple X or Vaughn’s Dough Shack.

Thanks Mom For The Memories

We want to thank all our Moms who came back to hang out with their sons and sharing this time together. We hope everyone can return next year.

~Michael Montgomery