"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Pledge Class Honors Leslie ‘68

Tom Leslie, left, receives his Order of Constantine honor from former Grand Consul Dick Hester.

George Ade had to be looking down and smiling from his desk in heaven as he watched the Class of ’68 hold their 45th reunion dinner at Ade’s Hazelton Farms home in Brook, IN. There could not have been a more perfect setting in which to honor one of their pledge brothers, Tom Leslie, with Sigma Chi’s highest honor, the Order of Constantine.

Large Contingent of Brothers, Spouses Present

59th Grand Consul Dick Hester officially presented Tom with his OofC recognition in front of over 40 pledge brothers, spouses and guests seated in the living and dining rooms of this grand old home. Brother Hester recounted Tom’s many contributions to Sigma Chi, Delta Delta and Theta Pi (Indiana State), but chose to highlight what others said as they recommended him for this honor. Tom was named Hoosier Sig of the Year award in 1997 by the Indianapolis Alumni Chapter.

Class of ’68 brothers and their wives with Tom Leslie (center).

Making an Impact for Sigma Chi

Tom, who joined Delta Delta’s House Corporation in 1985 and served as President from 1987 to 2007, continues to be active on the board. During Tom’s tenure as President he oversaw two renovations (1988 and 2007) and has been instrumental in supporting the undergraduates in managing the affairs of the chapter house. When Tom’s son pledged Sigma Chi at Indiana State, he organized the Theta Pi Advisory Board to address future housing needs, and worked with the undergraduates to build their pledge class numbers from 8-10 to over 20 per class.

Tremendous Example

George Ade, the Class of ’68, and all those who have worked with Tom over the past 25 years would agree, he is a tremendous example of one who has made a life-long commitment to our Fraternity. His tenure at Delta Delta and involvement at the Theta Pi chapter make Brother Leslie a very deserving recipient of the Order of Constantine.