"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Chapter Eternal Memorial Dedicated at Delta Delta

Members of the Class of '66 – '68 and their guests dedicate the Chapter Eternal Memorial at Delta Delta in memory of Joe Kelly '66.

Sigs Dedicate Memorial

A large contingent of brothers from the Classes of '66 – '68 and their wives gathered outside the Delta Delta chapter house on October 4 to dedicate the Delta Delta Chapter Eternal Memorial. Next to a large engraved stone that reads "As a living tribute to brothers who have entered the Chapter Eternal" a young oak tree was planted and the brothers and guests in attendance dedicated this site as a memorial to all our deceased brothers.

Sigma Chi Meant the World to Him

The impetus behind the memorial was a request of Significant Sig Joe Kelly ‘66’s wife, Betty, who wished to honor her husband by spreading some his ashes at Delta Delta. Betty Kelly noted in her husband’s obituary, "His most meaningful experience in college was joining and acting in various leadership roles for the Sigma Chi fraternity at Purdue. The mission and the brotherhood meant the world to him." Working with the House Corporation a spot in the chapter house's front lawn was selected and the tree and engraved rock were placed there.

Betty Kelly (seated) and Kay Noel, wife and sister of Joe Kelly, at dedication ceremony.

Kelly Memorial Service

On a beautiful fall day six of Joe Kelly’s pledge brothers, their wives, Joe's wife, Betty, and sister, Kay Noel, along with a large number of brothers and their wives from the Class of '68, circled the memorial tree and honored Brother Kelly. (Joe Kelly was the rush chairman for the Class of '68.)

Each member of the Class of "66 read a portion of Joe’s obituary, shared some fond memories, and sang "A Sig I Am". The last remarks from the obituary written by Joe’s wife stated, “Unparalleled energy, enthusiasm, exuberance, and loyalty to friends and family embody Joe's spirit. Everyone who knew Joe has a fun memory of him. He lived to make people happy, which he achieved with effortless perfection. As he exits this life, with his last roll of the dice, he calls out "It was a good run!" And we can hear his signature "Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!" in the distance as he moves on."

All honor to his name. And thank you for giving us all a place to reflect on those brothers who have come before us and who cherished so deeply our life-long bonds of brotherhood.

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