"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Reunion Classes Return and Return and Return

Brothers of all eras made their way back to Delta Delta, as a number of reunion classes enjoyed some great memories and brotherhood this fall. With so many activities going on at the chapter, some classes chose to return during the Centennial Celebration, some at Homecoming and others over different weekends. Regardless of when they returned they are always welcome at 202 Littleton St.

50 Year Reunion Class of 1963

Dan DeMars ’65, Bob Altschuler ’63 (mostly hidden), John Spires ’65, Rick Rudy ’65, Bill Weigel ’63, John Frederiksen ’65, Ralph Kuhnert ’63, Dick Schoelch ’65, Pat Nash ’63 (partially visible), Bill Morris ’63, Paul Kuhnert ’65, Jim Latham ’63, Stan Collins ’63, Donn Griffith ’63, Jim Ritchie ’63, Bill Vahle ’63, John Pomeroy ’63, Bob Smith ’65 (partially visible), Nick Fritsch ’63, Doug Wilton ’63 and Tom Barthold ’65. The sweater in the middle belonged to our dear friend and pledge brother Bob Kessler ’63, whose presence in spirit was experienced by all of us.

The Class of 1963 returned to celebrate their 50th Reunion the weekend of Oct. 11 – 13. Friday night they met and had dinner at Ross Ade Stadium in the Shively Room, and Saturday following the football game they reconvened at the Moses Fowler House in Lafayette where they enjoyed cocktails and dinner, one of Bill Vahle’s traditional memory quizzes, expressions of love for one another, and the singing of My Name is Sigma Chi, Sir, the Sweetheart Song and Hail Purdue.

Pictured L-R: Row 1: Bob Kaley, Tom Leslie, Larry Robbins, Arnold Breidenbaugh, Stence White Row 2: Stu Stock, Randy Newsom, Frank Hughes, Mike Campbell, Mike Schellhase, Bob Utterback, John Robson, Don Bowers, Ken Schutte, Hank Suerth Row 3: Neil Berling, John Cooper, Larry McMillan and Mike Wheeler

45 Year Reunion Class of 1968

The Class of 68 made its way back to Old Purdue the weekend of October 4-6 where they played golf, toured Purdue and visited. The highlight of their reunion was having dinner Saturday evening at George Ade’s home in Brook, IN and presenting Tom Leslie with his Order of Constantine honor.

40 Year Reunion Class of 73

First row – Mark McClure; Doug Strawbridge; Fred Coon; John Harrison; Bill Gurry; Brad Black; and Rob Baumann Second row – Mark Sand; Richard Kuntz; Dave True; Harold Force; Rod Roler; Steve Workman; and Brian Vautaw.

The Class of 1973 returned in style (as evidenced by their matching shirts) to celebrate their 40th reunion in conjunction with the chapter’s Centennial Celebration weekend of September 13 – 15. A group known for their spirit, 14 of their 18 PB’s returned and Friday evening took part in the Alumni Reception at the chapter house before going to dinner at a local restaurant. We adjourned from dinner at 11 PM, having had a great dinner and 19 bottles of wine; a half a case of beer; and a quart of vodka. Returning to the Homewood Suites, we stayed up until 1 AM.

Saturday found the brothers back at 202 Littleton for the lunch, program and tailgate at Ross Ade. One of the highlights of their return was unveiling a new Sigma Chi song, "Silver Sigma Chi's" written by Harold Force ’73. The 200 alumni brothers who returned for the Centennial weekend all sang along to what is sure to become the next Sigma Chi classic.

After attending the Notre Dame game and staying out to 1 am (again), on Sunday everyone left tired, but rejuvenated in our brotherhood, and looking forward to the next Class of '73 "rally on Littleton Street"!

30 Year Reunion Class of 1983

L-R: Chris Ball, Larry Prahin, Bruce Pettit, John Stone, Doug Hull, J.B. Carson (Not pictured)

The Class of '78 made their appearance Homecoming weekend (Sept. 28) to share fond memories, the Northern Illinois football game, several beers at their tailgate hosted by Bruce Petit, and then dinner at Arni’s. Although small in number, these brothers made sure their PB’s who were not in attendance were not forgotten as the stories continue to get better each time they are told.

30 Year Reunion Class of 1983

Class of ’83 and sons (L-R) Back Row: Dave Westerbeck, Guy Thomas, David Steele, Brian Holtz, Norm Bafunno, Dan Inlow, Matt Freije, Rob Bernardin, Nick Bafunno, Ed Lederer Front Row: Zac Westerbeck, Kerry Flowers, E. Inlow.

The Class of ’83 made its return with 14 of their PB’s joining in at the Centennial Celebration weekend. These brothers enjoyed golf early on Friday and then taking part in the big weekend’s activities. Friday night after attending the Alumni Reception they congregated at Bruno’s where they helped close the place down. Which is nothing new for this group.

(L-R) Andy Swallender, Troy Petit, Chris Walker, Tom Schorr, Matt Emmert, Steve Benza, Brad Muehlbauer

20 Year Reunion Class of 1993

The Class of ’93 made their triumphant return at Homecoming where they caught up with each pledge brother’s activities, especially since some of them hadn't seen each other since the 125th celebration in 2000.

Matt Emmert ’93 noted, "Everyone met at the house for bagels and coffee before the game. We had a great time at the tailgate, where we thankfully spent way more time at than the game! Got together for a group dinner, and for the grand finale - Tri Chi for breakfast on Sunday. It was really a great weekend and we definitely missed the guys who couldn't make it this time."

Trey McFarland, Pete Carroll, EJ Fisher, Jeff Brown, Ryan Dunn, Mike Griffiths, Leighton Wells, Tom Andrew...three short guys bent over Jonathan Waggoner, Casey Schmidt and John Glon

10 Year Reunion Class of 2003

The Class of 2003 with their tie dyed Class of '03 t-shirts returned in style. Tom Andrew '03 reported, "Delta Delta 2003 saw a great turnout for our 10 year reunion. A lot of old memories, some pictures and very solid stories were shared while tailgating for the Purdue and Nebraska game. After the game we made our way to the chapter house and enjoyed spending time with the undergrads and getting a good look at all of the renovations since our time at 202."