"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Hester Named 2014 Delta Delta Balfour Nominee

Stuart Hester ’14 was selected by the chapter as Delta Delta’s 2014 Balfour Nominee. This honor goes to a senior who has been a leader within the chapter, on campus and in the classroom.

Chapter, Campus Leadership

Within Delta Delta Stuart has served as Derby Days Chairman, Risk Manager and Alumni Relations Chair. He also attended Sigma Chi’s Horizons Program and was 1 of 2 undergraduates chosen to the BLTW Operating Board where he organized athletic and extra-curricular activities for over 2000 participants. On campus Stu has been active with IFC.

Academic Success

As a senior in the Krannert School of Management with a concentration in Finance and International Business, Stuart has a GPA of 3.82. In the Krannert-Kelly Case Management Contest his team placed second, and they took third place in the GSCMI Case Competition. In 2012 Stuart spent a semester at Pompeu Fabra University, School of International Business, Barcelona, Spain.

Stu commented, “I am honored to be selected as the Delta Delta chapter’s Balfour nominee. “Furthermore, the true honor is to be selected amongst other worthy peers by some of my closest friends and fraternal brothers. Sigma Chi Fraternity and the Delta Delta chapter continue to treat me with favor and distinction. I hope someday that I will be able repay the Fraternity in full.”

Indiana State Day Recognition

At the Annual Indiana State Day dinner in February, the Indiana Northern Province Balfour Nominee will be selected. Hopes are high that Stuart will be the nominee, who will then be in the running for the International Balfour Award.

Delta Delta has three brother who have been recognized with the International Balfour Award …. Richard Dibos '44, Keith Krach '79 and Tim Palmer '80.