"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Sharing a Great Night of Brotherhood

(L-R) Chapter Advisor and MC Jay Andrew ’98, Consul Alex Dexeus ’15 and guest speaker Rob Hughes ’10 entertained and impressed at the Brotherhood Dinner.

The 23rd Annual Sigma Chi Brotherhood Dinner held on April 9 once again captured the true spirit of Sigma Chi, as alumni and undergraduates shared time together and participated in the ritual. With the Great Hall set up as a large banquet hall with white table cloths and blue and gold runners on each table, it was a great setting for a great evening.

Alumni Share Fond Memories

Sam Washburn, Chi Chapter, 1956

With over 20 alumni in attendance, the evening was filled with wonderful stories and a chance to interact with the undergraduate brothers. One of the highlights is always having the alumni guests stand up during the Good of the Order and pass on some sage words of advice or a story of times gone by at 202 Littleton.

One of the favorite stories is hearing Sam Washburn, a Hanover Sig, Class of 56, tell of his experience of attending George Ade’s funeral in 1944 as a small boy and sitting next to John T. McCutcheon. He was told by his father at the time that this was a significant event. Of course he didn’t realize how significant until a number of years later when he became a Sig himself. Other alumni brothers from several chapters also passed on fond memories and remarks on the importance of Sigma Chi in their lives.

Special Guest Sets Challenging Career Goals

This year’s special guest speaker was Rob Hughes ’10. Rob recently relocated to Lafayette, after spending time at a Kansas TV station, and is now WLFI-TV’s sports director. So for the locals, Rob has become a familiar face each night as he updates us on the Boilermakers and other local sports teams. Rob’s message to the crowd was to determine what you truly want to do in life and then don’t be deterred when things get tough. Rob, while attending Sigma Chi’s Horizon’s leadership program, made a decision to do something with sports, even though he recognized the challenges of making it in sports broadcasting. So as he spoke about the “lean” times as he got started, his determination and resolution have allowed him to work in a field he is truly passionate about. He also reflected on how one inappropriate slip of the tongue can be a career ending move. Something he almost experienced firsthand.

Many Brothers to Thank

Special thanks go out to all the alumni for taking the time to spend a rewarding evening with their younger brothers. Many stuck around for quite a while afterward. In addition Alumni Relations Chair Frank Speek ’15; Consul Alex Dexeus ‘15; Kitchen Steward John Hettinga ‘15; and Jon, Delta Delta’s chef, for coordinating and preparing the meal and evening events. Finally the night would not have been complete without our guest speaker, Rob Hughes ‘10, and our remarkable, off-the-cuff MC, Jay Andrew ’98, who always seems to know just what to say to keep us entertained.

We look forward to many more of you returning next year.