"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Sigs Reach Out to Serve Community

(L-R) Mitch Campbell, Kyle Zeisig, Carson Lorts, Ross Corcoran (back), KJ Johnson (front), Will Todd (back), Charles Carpenter (front), Jack Cagnassola (back), Kyles Bos, Brandt Davis, Jack Mueller, JH Fischer, Jake Davis, Kent Skiles, Alex Dexeus

Helping to get the mail out: (L-R) Kent Skiles, Kyle Bos, Forrest Schneider, Kyle Zeisig, Alex Dexeus, Scott Sage, Jack Cagnassola, Carson Lorts, Mitch Campbell, and KJ Johnson

During the first semester the Delta Delta brothers have partnered with Lafayette Urban Ministries (LUM) by doing weekly service events for them.

The weekly contingent of 10 – 15 brothers have helped with bulk mailings, grounds cleanup, making food and donating it for the pantry, serving food at the soup kitchen and more. One brother has been trained to work at the shelter overnight, and another group of brothers will be trained to do tax returns as a ministry.

The chapter will also support LUM by donating presents for their Jubilee Christmas program. Ross Corcoran, our external philanthropy chair, has been doing an excellent job coordinating everything with LUM.

Grounds Clean Up Crew: (L-R) CJ Johnson and Wil Todd

Time and Service Are Greatly Appreciated

Joe Micon, LUM’s Director, commented, "Special thanks to the men of the Delta Delta chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity for serving LUM this past Saturday— raking, mowing, pulling weeds, trimming hedges and working on a bulk mailing. Their time and service are greatly appreciated."

The chapter is also contributing to LUM financially by hosting a euchre tournament to help raise funds. Led by internal philanthropy chair Max Long this should be a great event.

Sprucing the place up... (L-R) Jack Mueller, Jake Davis, JH Fischer and Ross Corcoran.

Consul's Thoughts

"It is amazing to see what can happen when the hearts of the Delta Delta Chapter are invested in a good cause. The opportunity to serve the Lafayette Urban Ministry on a weekly basis has brought out the best in the brothers and I am truly proud for what we have accomplished this semester. I look forward to seeing the chapter help with their Jubilee Christmas program and what the rest of our partnership with LUM will bring," noted Consul Alex Dexeus.

An Interesting Side Note:

Ray Ewry, who the LUM Youth Program Center is named after, is one of Purdue’s least known but most successful athletes. Read on...

Ray Ewry

Ray Ewry (October 14, 1873 – September 29, 1937)

Ray Ewry is a native of Lafayette and received an engineering degree from Purdue where he was a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity.

Ewry won eight Olympic gold medals in 1900, 1904 and 1908, yet he is almost unknown today because his unprecedented feats were performed in events that are no longer held: the standing high jump, the standing long jump and the standing triple jump.

Ewry contracted polio as a young boy. Confined to a wheelchair, it was thought that he might be paralyzed for life. However, he began exercising on his own and grew up to be a superb athlete. Ewry won all three standing jump events at the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris. He defended all three titles in 1904. The standing triple jump was dropped from the Olympic program in 1908, but Ewry won both the standing high jump and the standing long jump for a third time. All standing jumps were dropped from the Olympic program after 1912. Ewry is ranked as the 12th most successful Olympian of all time in terms of total individual medals and second most successful in terms of individual gold medals. His world record in the standing long jump (3.48 m or 11 ft 5 in) was still standing when the event was discontinued internationally in the 1930s.