"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Lyles Family Contributes to School of Civil Engineering Mission

Will Lyles '81

Purdue President Mitchell Daniels stated, "The Lyles family has deep ties to Purdue and a long history of generous support for the university. This latest of so many gifts fits uniquely into the university’s action plan to increase the number of engineers we supply to our state and nation."

Naming Ceremony Held

President Daniels' comments set the stage for a special naming ceremony held at Purdue on September 26, 2014 to recognize Bill, Gerald, and Will Lyles ‘81, who in conjunction with the Lyles Foundation committed $15 million to the School of Civil Engineering. In appreciation for this remarkable gift, the School of Civil Engineering was renamed the Lyles School of Civil Engineering.

Sigs in attendance at the Lyles Civil Engineering event: (L-R) Phil Steele, Robert Holloway, Corby Thompson, Will Lyles, Lee Sterry, Harold Force and Charles Conoley.

With 65 members of the Lyles family, a number of Will’s Sigma Chi brothers and over 200 guests of the university present, it was a fitting tribute to Will and his family for their ongoing contributions to the university. Will, his father Bill ’55, and Uncle Gerald ’64 all received civil engineering degrees from Purdue. Will also noted that his Dad was a Beta and his uncle a Figi.

Purdue Midwest and Sigma Chi Values

"Our gift is a thank you to Purdue for all it has done for four generations of my family and three generations of civil engineers," commented Will. "It is also a chance to support the mission of affordable, quality, technical education. Most of the success that my family has had is derived from bringing Purdue Midwest values to a California company. My own personal success is derived from the values and experiences that I had as a Delta Delta Sig. I was fortunate to come through the house during a great era with many role models. I have drawn on these experiences through my career and am very appreciative of all the brothers, who in their own way, helped make this possible."

Will with wife, Tami, at the Lyles Dedication.

Will and his wife, Tami, reside in Fresno, California where Will is Vice President of Construction for Lyles Diversified Inc.