"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

10th Annual SW Florida Delta Delta Luncheon

(L-R) Joe McCabe, Bob Smith, Tom Dyke, Stan Shimer, Bill Frey and Gary Guertin

A great group of alumni brothers attended the 10th Annual SW Florida Delta Delta Luncheon held on March 14 at the Pelican Bay Country Club in Naples, FL.

A Special Engagement

The day’s activities started out on a special note, when Matt Dryden ’04 announced to the group that he and his fiancé, Danielle, had just gotten engaged 45 minutes prior to arriving.

Grand Group of Brothers

The brothers and their sweethearts enjoyed a nice lunch, reminisced about their days at Purdue and enjoyed belting out several Sig songs. Those brothers in attendance were Bob Elsperman, Bernie Sergesketter, Bob Smith, Jim Andrew, Jim Smith, Tom Ross, Dick Hall, Joe McCabe, Tom Dyke, Stan Shimer, Bill Frey, Gary Guertin, Kurt Vahle and Dan Kimmel.

Video Captures Spirit of Event

Bernie Sergesketter, once again, put together a wonderful video to capture the spirit of the event. It also has some interesting historical references. You’ll enjoy seeing it a 2015 SW Florida Luncheon.

10th Annual Florida Luncheon Gallery