"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

50 Years of Brotherhood Return for Special Class Reunions

"We couldn’t have enjoyed our return to Delta Delta more," remarked Bob Smith, 65, "The hospitality, help and willingness to listen to "how it used to be" by the young men in the House really got the weekend started off on the right foot. They probably won't realize how important they were to our Reunion until hopefully they too can come back in 50 years and be welcomed as we were. When we were undergraduates it was impressed upon us to make anyone coming into the House feel welcome. I am pleased to see that that tradition lives on with this group of young men."

Brothers from the Classes of 1965, 1968 (50 years since their Initiation), 1975, 1980, 1985, 1995, 2000 and 2005 returned to 202 Littleton.

Returning for their 50th Reunion were the Class of 1963. (L-R) Tom Barthold, Jeff Masnick, Russ Pfahler, Paul Kuhnert, Joe Creaghead, Bill Garvey, John Frederiksen, Dan DeMars, Bob Smith, Dick Gentry, Steve Arbuckle and Dick Schoelch.

Class of 1968 celebrating 50 years since their Initiation. (L-R) John Cooper, Tom Canfield ('66 Magister), Arnie Breidenbaugh, Mike McCraley, Mike Campbell, Larry McMillan, Tom Leslie, Hank Suerth, Frank Hughes, Stence White, Mike Schellhase, Jim Chapin, Bob Kaley, Joe (Randy) Newsom, John Robson, Bob Utterback, Ken Schutte, Doug Widell and Larry Robbins.

Class of 1975 40th Reunion (L-R) Bill Townsend, Dave Graefnitz, Bill Davis, Jim Hutchins, John Taylor, John Buckingham, Pat Loehrer, Tom Morales, Dave Heiliger and Mark Lester.

Class of 1980 returned in force for their 35th Reunion … (L-R) John Pierce, Doug Dittrich, Mike Spooner, Andy Steinhubl, RL Berry, Rob Bernardin, Jim Kauffman, Tim Palmer, Jim Rush, Dan Montgomery, Bob Fish, Mark Campbell, Bob Marks, Godfrey McKenzie, Frank Faist, Dave Nottoli and Jim MacDonald.

Class of 1995 celebrating their 20th Reunion (L-R) Jason Baker, Guenter Haines, Gavin Philipps, Brent Skelton, Brian Griffiths, Craig Johnson and Jack Mollenkopf.

Class of 2000 enjoyed their 15 year get together (L-R) Dan Drewry, Eric Pfohl, Andy Wesdorp, AJ Anderson, Kyle Hudson, Christian Pezzuto, Jeff Megraw, Mike Cloncs, Shawn Campbell, Scott Evernham and Busch Voigts.

The Boys from 2005 made their 10 year reunion a good one. (L-R) Andy Farag, Nate Gustus, Jon Witt, Ryan Dupuis, Ryan Laskowski, Drew Brinkoetter, Eddie Flodberg, Chris Conrad, Aaron Schnur, Matt Schearer, Justin Brown, Kyle Nelson, Drew Stichter, Tyler Haehl, Greg Mangan, Austin Cowley and Mike Territo.