"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

University of Iowa Names Bruce Harreld President

J. Bruce Harreld '72

Significant Sig J. Bruce Harreld ΔΔ ’72 was named the 21st president of the University of Iowa in early September and officially begins his new role on November 2.

Iowa Regents President Bruce Rastetter in making the announcement acknowledged the “tough decision” of picking a president and said the board wants to see the UI “become larger and greater” under someone with Harreld's business credentials.

“And so what we wanted to do and what we ended up with is someone who has spent his life providing leadership...in terms of collaboration, in terms of teambuilding, in terms of reaching out to disparate groups and involving them and developing a strategic plan on how you can be better, how you can go from great to greater,” Rastetter said.

A Career of Leadership

Brother Harreld has spent most of his career in senior management positions developing and executing corporate business strategies. This included 13 years as a Senior Vice President at IBM, two years as President of Boston Market, and 10 years as Senior Vice President at Kraft General Foods.

From 2008 to 2014 Bruce held dual faculty appointments to the Entrepreneurial and Strategy Units at the Harvard Business School, where he taught strategy to first year MBA students and several second year MBA courses that focused on turnarounds and executing strategy. He also taught in numerous executive programs.

Leading an Exemplary Institution

In reflecting on his new role as the head of one of the country’s leading institutions of higher learning, Bruce noted, “The University of Iowa is an exemplary institution. However, the pace of change for higher education is accelerating. My charge is not to “change” it but to help position it for the future that is coming. I am honored to have been given this important responsibility.”

Different Temperaments, Talents and Convictions

When asked how his days at Delta Delta had impacted his career Brother Harreld stated, “I significantly credit Delta Delta with helping me develop my leadership skills in two key ways. First, as Magister and then Consul, I learned the importance of balancing the tendency to be either too firm or too loose in style. Finding the right balance is key. And, the balance shifts through time and issue by issue. Second, I learned the value and power of diverse teams. The more “different temperaments, talents, and convictions” we have on the team the more creative and impactful the thinking!”

Over the years Bruce has given back to Delta Delta by providing “strategic” direction to our renovation campaign and making sure that we provided a facility that positioned our brothers to be successful upon graduation. He has also given his time to help mentor brothers and generously supported the chapter.

Wishing Only the Best (Most of the Time)

We want to wish Brother Harreld continued success in his new role as President of the University of Iowa, except when the Hawkeyes compete with the Boilers on the athletic field and courts. We also look forward to his return to the chapter when he is back visiting his alma mater.