"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Omholt '92 Returns As 2015 Old Master

Sigma Chi’s taking part in the 2015 Old Master’s Program (L-R) CJ Johnson ‘17 (host); Scott Sage ‘17 (host); David Omholt ‘92 (Old Master); Max Long ‘16 (Promotion); Kyle Ziesig ‘17 (host)

Dave Omholt ’92 is the latest Delta Delta brother to take part in Purdue’s prestigious Old Masters Program. Dave is CEO of Entrepreneur Authority and Veteran Franchise Centers, as well as a Senior Advisor to the iFranchise Group, the world’s largest franchise development consulting firm. He is recognized as one of the top franchise consultants in the country by the International Franchise Association.

Dave received his BS degree in Economics in 1992 while also being a member of the Boilermaker baseball team where he was a 4-year starter and Academic All Big Ten selection. Dave also served as Delta Delta’s Consul and Rush Chairman.

An Old Master’s Reflections

"This was among my most rewarding experiences at Purdue,” noted Dave Omholt. “Having a Sig be one of my hosts made the experience that much more special. I can vividly remember as a sophomore (1989) listening to Bernie Sergesketter speak at Chapter while he was participating in Old Masters. I feel blessed to be able to come back 23 years later and do the same."

Dave further remarked, "I was grateful to be able to have some ‘unofficial’ time in the schedule to just come over and hang out with a number of undergraduate brothers. Everyone made me feel very welcome and I shared some of my favorite stories that I don’t think I’ve told in 20+ years! It is great to know that so many of the traditions remain intact and our younger brothers are having the same experiences that we all enjoyed. It is evident that we still attract the best on campus."

A proud father of three daughters, Dave recently brought his oldest daughter, Gretchen, for a campus visit. He’s hoping she’ll be a future Boilermaker and he’ll have many more reasons to return to Purdue and Delta Delta in the years ahead.

Sigs Take Active Role

A number of Delta Delta brothers made sure that the 2015 Old Master’s program went off without a hitch. Max Long ’16 helped promote the events while CJ Johnson ’17, Scott Sage ’17 and Kyle Ziesig ’17 all served as Old Master hosts.

CJ Johnson was fortunate enough to be one of Dave Omholt's hosts. CJ commented, "The program was by far three of the best days I have experienced at Purdue. Having a Sigma Chi as my Old Master made it just that much more special, because we were able to connect and share stories on a level that no one else was able to. I like to think I was able to reconnect David back to Sigma Chi and through the program I have met another brother and role model.""

Dave Omholt '92 (center) with CJ Johnson '17 (far right) with Dave's other hosts at the Sigma Chi House.

A Day In the Life of an Old Master

Each Old Master participated in many different kinds of activities. These included classroom talks, dignitary dinners, panel Q&A discussions, presentations to organizations, and fun activities in their free time.

Dave Omholt ’92 spoke to several entrepreneurship classes on the topic of franchising. At dinners he shared his experiences with different student leaders and faculty and suggested ways to improve the student and faculty experience at Purdue.

One of Dave's Q&A panel discussions was on Greek Life where he talked about applying lessons learned in Greek organizations to real world occupations. Dave also had a chance to give presentations at Sigma Chi Fraternity and to the Purdue Baseball Team. At both of these he was able to reconnect with his first two loves at Purdue and enlightened the undergrads on the impact each had had throughout his life. Dave returned to the Sig house Monday evening to hang out and swap stories with his younger brothers.

Dave found time to ride the Boilermaker Special, visit the athletic facility archives, and spend time just hanging out with his Old Master hosts. When the group learned that Dave had missed his own graduation ceremony in 1992 because of his baseball schedule, they arranged a personal commencement for Dave, which he really appreciated.

The program concluded with all the Old Master's and their hosts convening at Harry’s on Tuesday evening to toast another great program and the fond memories it created.