"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

A Mother’s Reflections on Mom’s Weekend 2015

Sigs and their Moms: (L-R) Pete Kosiarek, Shelly Kosiarek, Cam Sanders, Marsha Sanders, Dixie McKean, Corby McKean, Merry Thoe, Corby Thoe, Patti D’Onofrio, Tyler D’Onofrio

Mom’s Weekend at the Sig house has been a tradition that the Delta Delta brothers have been carrying on for decades. It is a unique opportunity for mothers and their sons to share time together, and for the son to show his Mom just how special it is to be a Sigma Chi.

One of those Moms, Dixie McKean, whose son is senior Corby McKean, reflected on what it means to be the mother of a Sigma Chi and the special memories getting together with her son and other mothers and their sons has meant to her.

A Senior Mother’s Perspective – Dixie McKean

On the Monday after Mom’s weekend, I find myself writing this with a lump in my throat. That may be partially from exhaustion, but mostly I know it is due to sadness at the realization I have gone to my last Sigma Chi Mom’s Weekend.

For the last four years, I’ve enjoyed a weekend in April at the Sigma Chi House with my son. During those weekends, I have had the opportunity to get to know his closest friends and fraternity brothers as well as their Moms. I truly can say I gained a whole new group of dear friends and will miss this annual weekend with them.

I would like to thank all the men of Sigma Chi for being wonderful hosts. A special thanks goes to the Mom’s Weekend Chairmen, Jack Cagnassola and Jack Mueller. The mothers greatly appreciate all the effort and work that goes into making a success of the weekend’s events.

Cake Decorating, Live Auction, Dinner and Dancing

Cake decorating with our boys is always a comical activity and provides some interesting entries into the house Cake Contest. The Live Auction is very entertaining and like no other! This year’s new auctioneers, Corby Thoe and Pete Kosiarek, added extra humor and fun to the event. Then, after being served a nice dinner, it’s on to dancing in the Great Hall!

I have always taken some pride in seeing so many of the Purdue sorority girls bring their moms to Sigma Chi to join us. They know that this is a house where the men do in fact have manners and they will make sure the girls and their moms have a great time! I am married to a Delta Delta Sigma Chi, and during our days at Purdue I spent many hours at 202 Littleton. Combine that with the great memories that I have had with my son at Sigma Chi and I do feel a bit like this is my house and I’m proud to say that!

Trading Sleep For Fun

The party typically goes on into the wee hours of the morning, but I happily traded sleep for the fun. On Sunday evening, once we are all back at our respective homes, I was texting with several of the other seniors’ moms. We laughed about how tired we were and that maybe staying out until 2 AM wasn’t such a great idea! However, then one of the moms chimes in and admits that when she walked back to her room at The Union Saturday evening, she did so in tears at the realization this was her last Sigma Chi Mom’s Weekend .We all admitted we felt exactly the same.

Go Early and Stay Out Too Late

So to all of you moms with younger boys and more Mom’s Weekends ahead, here is my advice… Make your hotel reservations now…Go early and stay out too late…Don’t miss anything and go ahead and be a little silly! All those responsibilities at home will be there the next week, but these weekends where you get to be a small part of your son’s college experience are priceless memory-makers and should not be missed! There will definitely be a group of Sigma Chi moms whose sons graduated in 2015 that will be very envious that we’re not there too!

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