"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Dr. Pat Loehrer Honored As 2015 Distinguished Engineering Alumnus

Patrick Loehrer '75 Distinguished Engineering Alumnus

Pat Loehrer ’75 was one of ten alumni graduates from Purdue’s School of Engineering to be honored February 20th as 2015 Distinguished Engineering Alumni/Alumnae.

Medical School Instead of Engineering

Brother Loehrer, who graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree, commented that he was the only honoree never to have worked in engineering. Pat, upon graduation, went on to attend medical school and graduated from Rush Medical College in 1978.

Lifesaving Research and Leadership

Pat was recognized for his lifesaving cancer research and significant leadership in many areas and for demonstrating that Purdue engineers can become world-renowned leaders and make a significant impact on human lives in many different fields.

Today, as director of the Simon Cancer Center, associate dean for cancer research, and the H.H. Gregg Professor of Oncology at Indiana University, Brother Loehrer is widely known for his prolific research on cancers of the bladder, colon, pancreas and the thymus gland. His research, along with that of Pat’s mentor, Larry Einhorn, has contributed to a 95% survival rate for testicular cancer. Pat is also working on a collaborative initiative in oncology in western Kenya.

Time With the Students

Each Distinguished Alumnus on their return to Purdue had a chance to meet with Engineering Student Ambassadors including the Consul Max Long '16 and the immediate past Consul Alex Dexius '15. Pat noted that this was a highlight of the visit along with giving a talk to second year mechanical engineering students in ME290.

Key Events, Mentors

In his remarks to the class, Pat commented, “I had the chance to reflect with them, key events or nodal points in my life that help shape my life. We all have them, and in totality, they define who you are and why you are here. One of these points for me was becoming a Sigma Chi and the friendship and mentoring from some of my brothers. It was Ken Klotz ‘74, a year ahead of me, who showed me that I could switch my major to Mechanical Engineering and still pursue Medical School. He also taught me how to study. I had lots of role models in my life, and many of them were from Purdue and our house.”

Pat’s wife, Debi, son, PJ, and father-in-law, Les Nell, were in attendance as Pat received his award from the Dean of the Engineering School Leah Jamieson.

Joining Pat at the big event are (L-R) Les Nell, Pat, Pat’s wife, Debi, and son, PJ.

Sigs in attendance: (L-R) Harold Force ’73, Pat Loehrer ’75 and Phil Steele ‘77