"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

If you had one week to impact the rest of someone’s life, what would you do?

The Xavier Project led by four Delta Delta brothers will be searching for the answer to this question this summer as they honor the memory of a pledge brother Xavier Somerville who was tragically lost in an accident in 2012. Xavier made a huge impact on the brothers and lived life according to the Jordan Standard.

Xavier Somerville

Cross County Tour

Ben Waters, Bryan Hall, Jake Clark and Nik Rose, all from the Class of 2016, plan to visit 14 Sigma Chi Chapters this summer from Eugene, OR to Gainesville, FL as they seek to make an impact on someone’s life during each five day stay.

Impacting Someone’s Life in Just Five Days

Upon arriving at each destination the Delta Delta team will interview a number of local residents, asking them one question, "If you had one week to impact the rest of someone’s life, what would you do?"

This is the basis behind the entire Xavier Project … helping a stranger make an impact on a loved one’s life. This is our opportunity to pay it forward, the way Xavier Somerville had done with his pledge class. From all the ideas uncovered in the interviews, the Sig team would choose one and spend the next four days helping the selected stranger make an impact.

The four brothers plan to video their journey, post their progress on social media, and write a blog on their travels. Upon their return they’ll create a documentary as a tribute to the impact Xavier Somerville had on their lives. Drew Richter ’16 is also helping with the planning and follow up.

Alumni Financial Support Needed

The chapter is contributing toward the Xavier Project, but additional financial support is needed, if this endeavor is to succeed. The total budget for the Xavier Project is $30,000. This will cover the costs of renting a motor home, gasoline, and providing funds for the pay-it-forward projects. Sponsorships with advertising opportunities are available for local businesses in each city visited. See details at The Xavier Project website.

Xavier Somerville

Shining a Positive Light on Sigma Chi

The Xavier Project will reflect positively on Sigma Chi and Delta Delta as the brothers honor the life of their pledge brother, Xavier Somerville.

We hope that you agree, and would be interested in helping us begin this journey. To make a financial contribution and learn more go to The Xavier Project.

In Hoc,

  • Ben Waters '16
  • Bryan Hall '16
  • Jake Clark '16
  • Nik Rose '16