"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Grand Prix Team Takes Home the Hardware

Sigma Chi drivers and pit crews celebrate successful 2016 Grand Prix.

Once again Delta Delta proved to be a factor in the 2016 Grand Prix race held on April 23rd. With two karts in the race both Sig teams had to overcome mechanical problems before and during the race, but when the checkered flag fell, the Sigma Chi karts took home some impressive hardware.

A Rough Start for the Sig Drivers and Crews

The #99 Kart driven by rookie Spencer Meredith placed 13th in the qualification trials, while the #9 Kart driven by Nick Hale did not make it through the trials due to a broken crankshaft. This forced Nick and the #9 kart to qualify through the sprint race held the morning of the big race. The #9 crew led by Spencer Owen had the kart in top form as they won the sprint race and started the main race in the 28th spot.

Sigs Finish in 5th Place

During the 160-lap endurance race, Nick aggressively fought his way through the pack, moving up from his starting spot at 28th to drive the #9 kart to 5th place. The #99 kart, whose engine had to be swapped out just prior to the start of the race, did not fare as well and lasted only a couple of laps before the clutch went out, sending the team home for the day.

L-R: Driver Nate Hall and Crew Chief Spencer Owen with the trophies from this year’s Grand Prix race.

Effort and Commitment are Rewarded

According to #99 crew chief Nate Graber, “Both teams had a blast running the karts this season. Even though we had a couple setbacks, we were still able to pull through with a top five finish and take home a couple other trophies as well. Nick by moving from 28th to 5th place received the Hardest Charger Award. The Sigma Chi #9 crew received the Stoops Crew Award given to the team with the greatest sense of camaraderie and commitment.”

New Garage Contributes to Success

Nate attributed the close team work and active participation by the brothers to the new Grand Prix garage. Having a state-of-the-art facility right outside our door made it much easier to work on them and the Grand Prix teams received a lot of encouragement from brothers just coming by to see how things were progressing.

“I think this year was a big learning curve for the whole team. Coming into this season we had a lot of new brothers join the team alongside me (as a new crew chief), and Spencer Meredith (a rookie driver). Everyone did a phenomenal job as a whole, with each member of the team always willing to help,” commented Nate.