"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Sig Legends Return to Purdue

Sigs at Purdue Football Dedication L-R: Dave Westerbeck ’83, Bob Burlas ’86, Dave Omholt ’92, Drew Brees ’01, Bob DeMoss ’49, Jeff McKean ’86 and Tim Hull ’81.

As part of the annual Spring football game weekend, Purdue held the dedication of the new $60 million Football Performance Complex. Eleven past Super Bowl greats including our own Delta Delta brothers Drew Brees ‘01 and Bob Griese ‘67 were on hand. Both Drew and Bob along with Roosevelt Colvin and Keena Turner took center stage as they reflected on their passion for Purdue. Also at this event were brothers Bob DeMoss ’49 and Ed Crowley ’67.

Cradle of Quarterbacks Represented

Dave Omholt ’92 who attended the event noted, “Brees and DeMoss represent the ‘bookends’ of Purdue’s cradle of quarterbacks. The reputation Purdue has for churning out successful pro quarterbacks really all started with Demo, both as a player and later as coach to Bob Griese.” Ed Crowley was a pledge brother to Griese and played on the 1967 Rose Bowl team. According to Tom Leslie ’68, Ed was known as “Fast Eddie” and following his Purdue career went on to become the head trainer for the Iowa Hawkeyes and was there for years.

Also attending were Sigs Bob Burlas '86, Dave Westerbeck '83, Tim Hull '81 and Jeff McKean '86.

Sigs Share Special Connection

Bob Burlas commented, “It was a special and memorable event for Purdue football to have that many legends back at the same time. Jeff McKean, Dave Westerbeck and I had the fortunate opportunity to sit with Bob DeMoss, Dale Samuels and their spouses for the event. We not only heard great stories about Purdue football with Bob and Dale, but we were instantly bonded with Brother DeMoss and his wife as they found out we were all Delta Delta Sigma Chi’s. The discussions and stories started flowing about our special times and traditions at 202 Littleton Street.”

“It was a great evening hearing the stories from the Boiler football Super Bowl Champions Drew and Bob,” noted Dave Westerbeck. “My highlight was sitting down for dinner with Bob DeMoss and his wife (along with Dale Samuels- another cradle of QB’s star- and his wife). It really was a walk down memory lane for me. Both Bob and Dale had been frequent visitors to my Mom and Dad’s house during summer Purdue gatherings in Shelbyville. They would generally stay late (sometimes not leave) and tell great stories. When I introduced myself, they knew the Westerbeck name and asked me to tell me Mom Hi.”

Hanging with the Bros L-R: Patrick Long ’16, Bob Griese ’67, Andrew Mason ’16 and Tyler Goudy ’18.

Surprise Visitors Stop by Delta Delta

Patrick Long ’16 remarked, “I was outside when one of my pledge brothers informed me that Bob Griese ‘67 was in the house. We immediately sprinted inside to see if we could cross paths. It was very exciting meeting him.”

Taking advantage of his return trip to Purdue, Bob Griese and his pledge brother Ed Crowley took the time to stop by Delta Delta to tour the renovated chapter house and visit with the undergraduate brothers. Both Brothers Griese and Crowley recalled their times sitting in the Great Hall, relaxing and chatting with other brothers.

Patrick noted that “I was able to talk to Brother Griese in the Great Hall as he was getting a tour of the house and I asked him did the Great Hall look like it did when he was in the house, and he told me that it was almost identical to what it was then. When we asked him for a picture, he was more than happy to oblige.”

Thanks to all our Delta Delta football greats for taking the time to support Purdue and share some time with both our alumni and undergraduate brothers.