"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Pete Kraemer Returns as Purdue Old Master

Sigma Chi Old Master’s participants (L-R) CJ Johnson '17, Kyle Ziesig '17, Pete Kraemer ’88, Scott Sage '17, John Henry Fischer '16, and Nate Graber '18.

Old Masters Return to Purdue

The 2016 Old Master’s program continues to bring some of our country’s most outstanding leaders in various disciplines back to Purdue. Over a three day period from Nov. 6-8, eleven Old Masters, including Delta Delta’s very own Peter Kraemer ’88, interact with students in classrooms, banquets and informal settings.

Some of the other Old Masters included William Bindley, founder of Bindley Western Industries; Ellen Shook, Accenture’s Chief Human Resources Officer; Dr. Jerry White, author and scientist; Dr. Charles Qwubah of World Vision International and Dr. Belinda Seto with the National Eye Institute.

A Rewarding Experience

Sig Kyle Ziesig ’18, commented, “This year's program was an incredibly rewarding one. Being on Old Masters Central Committee was the opportunity of a lifetime. Not only did it make me proud to see the brothers of Sigma Chi carry on the rich tradition of involvement with the program, but it made me incredibly proud to be a Boilermaker. Finally, having a Sig like Peter Kraemer come back to Purdue speaks volumes to the caliber of men that come through this house as well as the the experiences that our brothers had when they were students here.”

Peter Kraemer ‘88

Kraemer ’88 Enjoys Old Master’s Visit

Significant Sig Pete Kraemer ’88 is a fifth generation brewmaster and has been at Anheuser-Busch InBev for 27 years. He is currently the Chief Supply Officer of Anheuser-Busch InBev and oversees more than 150 breweries and facilities.

Brother Kraemer remarked, “Coming back to campus as an Old Master was an incredibly rewarding experience. I interacted with an engaged and talented student body which gave me an opportunity to see just how vibrant and healthy the Purdue community is. I was deeply impressed with how well the students embraced the opportunity to learn from a diverse set of Old Masters. Seeing Sigma Chi brothers like Kyle Zeisig at the leadership level of the program was a bonus along with the opportunity to visit the house, have lunch with the brothers, and learn from their experiences as well.”

Sigs Lead 2016 Old Master’s Program

The Delta Delta brothers continue to take an active role in the Old Master’s Program serving on the Central Committee, as hosts, and promotional officers. This year CJ Johnson ’17, Scott Sage ’17 served as promotional officers; John Henry Fischer ’16 and Nate Graber ’18 were hosts; and Kyle Ziesig ’18 was a member of the Central Committee.

We congratulate Brother Kraemer and all the Sigs for continuing our chapter’s long tradition of leading this University program.

Delta Delta brothers pose with Old Master Pete Kraemer ’88 (center) following lunch at the Sig house.