"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

A Heartfelt Significant Sig Presentation

Mark Lester ’75 (L) presents Dr. Patrick Loehrer ’75 with his Significant Sig plaque.

At Homecoming this year the Class of ’75 took the opportunity to present one of their own, Dr. Patrick Loehrer with his Significant Sig Award. Led by Significant Sig Mark Lester ’75 this was a truly heartwarming and inspirational presentation to a remarkable brother. To read about Pat’s many accomplishments go to Pat Loehrer Significant Sig.

Icing on the Cake

In attendance at the presentation were a number of Pat’s pledge brothers and seven other Significant Sigs.

Following the event Pat noted, “In speaking to several of the other Significant Sigs, I was struck by the common opinion that none of us feel particularly worthy of being spotlighted. We are all a composite of experiences and for me, one of the most cherished experiences is that of being a Sigma Chi. The bond of friendships and respect for and from my Brothers is the true honor. Being named a Significant Sig, well that is just icing on the cake.”

Words of Heartfelt Admiration

In listening to those in attendance and seeing the comments following the presentation, it seemed best to let Pat and others express their thoughts and feelings in their own words.

Bernie Sergesketter ‘58

“It is always a treat to go back to the chapter house, particularly at Homecoming. Wonderful memories are triggered! This year Dr. Pat Loehrer was presented with the Fraternity's Significant Sig Award.

It is inspirational to hear the stories about and be in the presence of one of our brothers who has done so much good for society, literally saving lives and materially advancing the fight against cancer.” You’ll want to watch Bernie’s video that captures a great day at Homecoming 2016.

Significant Sigs at Pat’s ceremony (L-R) Harold Force ’73, Dr. Mark Sand ’73, Steve Schmidt ’76, Dr. Pat Loehrer ’75, Mark Lester ’75, Al Menke ’44 and Bernie Sergesketter ’58.

Bill Townsend ‘75

“Professor Pat, such heartfelt stories about the life-giving work in Kenya and the lives impacted here. Stay the course, bro, there is much left to do and many others you will touch. Thank you for living a life well lived! PBs, hanging with gentlemen from 40 years ago is a rare and privileged moment. The conversations go deeper quicker. I wish I had more time to settle-in and talk life with each of you.”

Tom Puterbaugh ‘75

“What a special weekend; it's always good to catch up with you, brothers. Congratulations, Pat (& Debi)...very proud of your significant impact to benefit so many others. Thanks, Mark, JT, and Graef for pulling together the weekend. Thanks, Harold (and peers), for the pictures...as well as the vision and patience in '71-'72 to bring together another great class of men; would like to have had time to visit with more of you yesterday. Very proud to be a Delta Delta Sigma Chi!”

Pat Loehrer ‘75

“Gentlemen, What a great pleasure and honor to be with you last night and today! Not comfortable being the center of attention, but glad to be an excuse to get us together. JT, special thanks to you for putting together an outstanding dinner---and what a touch with the flower arrangements! Buck, loved the special appearance.

Mark, Tom: thanks for your kind words and past reflections at my presentation. For those who carved out time to come to Purdue and those who have sent me good wishes, and those who sent in letters of support, a big thanks.

Finally, to all of you, best I can say is that each of you are part of me. I am a blessed man.”

Harold Force ‘73

“Finally... after more than 45 years... a return on the investment of a semester of my life as your Rush Chairman! Well done, Patrick. And great to see so many of your pledge brothers!!”

Class of ’75 Brothers at Pat’s Presentation (L-R) Dave Jarrett, Bill Davis, John Taylor, Dave Heiliger, Mark Lester, Pat Loehrer, Tom Morales, Dave Graefnitz, Tom Puterbaugh, Dan Drysdale and Bill Townsend