"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Sigs Play Hoops to Support Special Olympians

Delta Delta Sigs with Special Olympics basketball players following a hard fought contest.

For the past couple of years a number of Delta Delta brothers have taken the time to attend a practice of some very special basketball players. Led by former Consul Max Long ’16, a strong contingent of brothers shows up ready to take on the Special Olympics men’s teams from Tippecanoe County.

Love the Competition

The Special Olympics basketball players of all ages and ability levels look forward to showing “the college kids” that they can keep up with them. The Sigs split their players into two teams and take turns playing against the Special Olympics “A” and “B” level teams. The brothers tailor their level of play accordingly and make sure the athletes get their shots off and have a lot of fun. When playing the better “A” team, the brothers have to elevate their play against athletes who work hard and love the competition.

Brother Steele Leads Team

Brother Ryan Steele ’10, who is a Special Olympic athlete, always enjoys taking on his Sig brothers on the court. Max Long ’16 remarked, “All the brothers have a lot of fun playing against these teams. To see Ryan and his friends play so hard makes the time we spend here very rewarding. I hope we continue to do this every year.”

In the “A” level game the Special Olympics team defeated the Sigs 32-31 with Ryan Steele hitting a decisive 3 pointer to lead his team to victory. At least this is the way Ryan explains it to his friends.

Thanks brothers for being such good sports and great role models for some very special athletes.

(Left to Right): Patrick O'Brien, Brad Moore, Nik Rose, Ben Waters, Haleigh Danek, Will Shifrin, Ryan Steele, Ellie Stater, Dexter Odle, Cameron Sanders, Max Long, Kevin Graber, and Wes Hardin.