"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

A Sweet Family Legacy

L-R: JT Garnett ’18, Alyssa Garnett and Greg Burns ’14 at Blue Formal 2015.

It’s not too often that your Sigma Chi legacy includes two Sweethearts of Sigma Chi. But that’s the case with Delta Delta undergraduate JT Garnett ’18 whose mother, Cyndi, was the chapter’s Sweetheart in 1987, and his sister, Alyssa, a senior at Purdue, is Delta Delta’s reigning Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. And there is also JT’s father, Joe, a Delta Delta Sig, Class of 1987.

There was Always a Sigma Chi Story

JT noted, “Growing up my dad often talked about his college days, and all of his stories somehow involved Sigma Chi. Whether it was riding in the car somewhere listening to the radio and it reminding him of a road trip with his brothers or when he danced at Blue Formal, there was always a story. It was very clear that his experience as a Sigma Chi played a very significant role in his college years.”

Sweetheart Alyssa Garnett with Tom Leslie ’68 at State Day.

JT followed his parents and sister to Purdue and when he had the opportunity to pledge Sigma Chi JT remarked, “It was a no-brainer that Sigma Chi was where I wanted to be. I know sometimes kids don’t want to follow in somebody’s footsteps and take the same path, but knowing how much my dad raved about a place like Sigma Chi and how it helped make him the man he is today, I couldn’t fathom NOT following in his footsteps. It was yet another thing that makes me like my dad, which is something I could not be more honored to be.”

Honored to be Delta Delta’s Sweetheart

JT’s sister, Alyssa, is Delta Delta’s current Sweetheart. Alyssa will graduate in May with her MBA. She completed both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in four years. She will be working in finance with Proctor & Gamble upon graduation. A member of Delta Gamma sorority, Alyssa was chosen Miss Indiana State Fair in 2014, and is currently one of the 33 Indiana college women selected to serve as 500 Festival Princesses for this year’s 100th running of the Indy 500.

L-R: Joe Garnett ’87, Alyssa and JT at the 2016 Brotherhood Dinner.

Alyssa commented, “I’ll never forget the night last fall when my boyfriend, Greg Burns ’14, walked me into the Great Hall to find all the pledges down on one knee serenading me with the Sweetheart song. I was taken completely by surprise at being named Sweetheart, and I think it meant just as much to my entire family.”

“While my overall favorite part about being Sweetheart is simply hanging out with all the guys in the Great Hall, the other highlights have included State Day and the recent Brotherhood Dinner. These events gave me the chance to hear several alumni speak about how Sigma Chi has been such an instrumental and significant foundation in their lives. I’ve always heard Sig stories from my dad and his pledge brothers at tailgates throughout the years, and these events gave me even more perspective about what makes Sigma Chi such a strong fraternity. I’m truly honored to be a part of it, and I’m grateful for the friendships it’s created. I’m looking forward to the many visits back to 202 Littleton that I’ll make in the future,” remarked Alyssa.

That’s a Lot of Sigma Chi

We’re sure Dad and Mom are very proud of their Delta Delta son and Sweetheart. But JT seemed to sum it up best when he stated, “Now we have my dad, Delta Delta ’87; my mom, Delta Delta Sweetheart ’87; me, ’18; and Alyssa, Delta Delta Sweetheart ’15-’16. What an amazing thing to be able to say, although I gotta be honest…I just feel bad for our kids…that’s a lot of Sigma Chi!”