"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

2017 Brotherhood Dinner Recognizes Special Brothers

A large contingent of alumni and undergrads gathered for the 26th Annual Brotherhood Dinner.

The 26th Annual Sigma Chi Brotherhood Dinner was special for a number of reasons. With a record number of alumni returning, and a chance to hear about the chapter’s accomplishments, along with the presentation of the Order of Constantine to a Delta Delta brother, what more could you have asked for.

The dinner took place on April 12th and was held in the Great Hall with over 40 alumni joining 70 undergraduate brothers for an evening of recognition and brotherhood.

Class of ’78 pledge brothers in attendance to congratulate Greg are (L-R) Doug Hull, Bruce Petit, Greg Harbaugh, Steve McKnight, Larry Prahin, Greg Cislak and J.B. Carson.

Harbaugh Receives Order of Constantine

Greg Harbaugh ’78 was honored with our Fraternity’s highest honor, the Order of Constantine, in recognition of his leadership of the Sigma Chi Foundation from 2006 to 2016, along with making a significant difference in the lives of so many Sigma Chi brothers.

It was a warm reception with a number of brothers from the late 1970’s in attendance to congratulate Greg on receiving this honor. Several of them passed on special recollections of their time with Greg during the ceremony.

Larry Prahin ’78 was one who noted, "I have known Greg for many years. He has always been a brother who has represented our Sigma Chi values to all those around him. From his days at Delta Delta to those at the Foundation, he has worn the White Cross proudly and worthily."

B. Carson ‘78 passed along some of the congratulatory notes received for Greg. One, from pledge brother Bob Perry ’78, read, "Greg, I knew from the day that I met you that you were going to make a difference no matter what you did. I have so many fond memories of living at 202 Littleton with you and a truly exceptional group of young men. You have lived up to the Jordan Standard in everything to have done and many young men will benefit for years to come from the work you have done at the Foundation."

Greg’s wife, Carol, and Sigma Chi Foundation President Ashley Woods also reflected on Greg’s role in their lives and how he had impacted his family and those at the Foundation.

Glenn Weckerlin ’79 (L) and Sigma Chi Foundation CEO Ashley Woods (R) with Greg at Delta Delta.

Video Available

To see Greg’s comments at his Order of Constantine presentation view the video at Harbaugh Honored. Additional details on Greg’s accomplishments can be found at Brother Selected to Order of Constantine.

Undergrad Recognition

A number of undergraduates were then recognized by C.J. Johnson ’17 for their academic, chapter and campus contributions. It was great to hear how well the active brothers are doing.

The chapter honored brothers C.J. Johnson as Mr. Sigma Chi; Kyle Ziesig, Mr. Campus Involvement; and J.T. Garnett and Alex Trono as Brothers of the Year. IFC also recognized Matt Rittman as Fraternity Man of the Year; Nate Grabor as IFC Leader of the Year; and Bryce Cirbo as IFC Brother of the Year. For more on these brothers and others who received recognition throughout the year go to Chapter Takes Home the Hardware.

Good of the Order

The evening concluded with all the alumni guests passing on a few sage words of wisdom and thanks to the others in a non-ritualistic Good of the Order, and then with a hearty, if not slightly off key, rendering of "My Name is Sigma Chi".

Special Thanks

As always a special thank you to Rajiv Samagond and Matt Rittman for organizing the meal with the help of Nate Gustus ’05 and Phil Steele ’77. Butch Brose ‘09 worked with the Nate Graber to get the chapter house ready and the kitchen crew led by steward John Smith and our cook for an outstanding meal.

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