"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Glorious Day for Golf, Brotherhood

It was a perfect day for the 27th Annual Delta Delta Alumni Golf Outing held on June 11. Playing the recently remodeled Ackerman-Allen Purdue course, designed by Pete Dye, was fun and not too challenging. The over 70 brothers who returned enjoyed a great day of golf and sharing time with their pledge brothers.

Class of ’77 plays a little golf while celebrating their 40th reunion.

The winning team of Chris Kutanovski ‘07, Jake Meyerrose ‘09 and Mike Talbott ‘06.

Class of ’77 Returns

The Class of ’77 had 17 of their class return as part of their year-long celebration of their 40th reunion. Brothers returned from all parts of the country to reignite their long standing friendships. Organized by Pledge Class President Dave Hughes ’77 with a little help from Phil Steele ’77, these brothers started the celebration Friday with dinner and then spent time at the Sig house retelling old stories. Saturday there was golf and dinner at the Sig house followed by a nightcap at 9 Irish Brothers. The weekend concluded with breakfast Sunday morning before everyone packed up and headed home.

This is a great example of brothers taking advantage of this outing to return to Purdue and enjoy a great weekend together. We’d encourage other reunion classes to do the same.

2nd place: Jim Arthur, John Emhardt, Brian Boje and Brian Dawson

And the Winners Are...

On the course the long ball hitters of Chris Kutanovski ‘07, Mike Talbott ’06, Jake Meyerrose ‘09 and Dave Kutanovski took home top honors with a round of 11 under par. Tied for second were two teams from the class of 1977 – Steve Cosler, Mike Espenlaub, Steve Sturman and Brian Ortman; and Jim Arthur, John Emhardt, Brian Boje and Brian Dawson.

The Class of ’71 team of Scott McConnell, Larry Nicolet, Tom Ford and Kirk Raymond once again was unchallenged as they claimed first place in the senior’s category.

3rd Place: Mike Espenlaub, Brian Ortman, Steve Cosler and Steve Sturman

More Golfers Sought

It is evident that those who return for the annual outing, whether they are serious golfers or not, always have a great time. Part of it is the golf, but more importantly is having a chance to see the brothers and to catch up on what’s been going on in their lives.

Senior champions: Scott McConnell, Larry Nicolet and Kirk Raymond. Missing is Tom Ford.

For this event to continue to prosper we need more golfers to participate, especially brothers from the classes of 2000 to 2016. We recognize that we all have busy lives, but taking one day to rekindle friendships and the spirit of Sigma Chi is well worth it. We encourage all Delta Delta brothers to start planning now to join us in 2018.

Class of ’68 Bros: Stence White, Jim Chapin and Frank Hughes on their way to "50 Years of Brotherhood".

Thanks Team

We’d like to thank Brian Griffith ’95, Guenter Haines ’95 and Butch Brose ’09 for putting together a great event and making sure the Sig house was ready for our return.

We also had a number of brothers help offset the cost of this event by sponsoring a hole. They were Bob Kaley ’68, Larry Nicolet ’71, Harold Force ‘73, Philip Haehl ‘74, Phil Steele ’77, Brian Dawson ’77, Preston Cobb ’77, Tom Schneider ’77, Brad Muehlbauer ’93, Brian Griffiths ’95, Eric Morgan ’95 and Craig Reed ’99.