"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Sigma Chi Racing Recognized at 60th Grand Prix

Sigma Chi takes to the track for the 60th time.

Purdue’s annual Grand Prix event celebrated its 60th year in April and Sigma Chi Racing was recognized as the only team to have been entered in every single race since its inception in 1957.

The Sigs have won the race four times...in 1959, 1969, 1978 and 2009. The Purdue Exponent ran a great story on Sigma Chi’s Grand Prix history that you can check out at 60 Years, 60 Races.

Grand Prix Alumni Support Sig Team

The Sigs attribute much of their success and longevity to the racing legacy built by the brothers and alumni. With only alumni support and involvement the Sig racing team has had experienced participants to help them prepare and run the race. The most recent example is the Grand Prix garage built with alumni contributions that allows our two racing teams to prepare year round for the race.

Having the dedicated garage space gives the team a place to work on bigger projects. This year they replaced 10+ year old roll cages on the karts with newly fabricated reengineered roll cages. To see just what an impact the new garage has had go to Grand Prix Garage Makes Big Difference.

Crew Chiefs and Drivers of the #99 and #9 Karts (L-R) Nate Graber, Crew Chief #9 Kart; Nick Hale, Driver #9 Kart; Spencer Meredith, Drive #99 Kart; and Kyle Johnson, Crew Chief #99 Kart.

60th Race Not the Smoothest for Sigs

Mishaps and bad breaks are just part of racing go karts at 45 mph. At this year’s race, our #99 cart driven by Spencer Meredith, ran well and qualified 16th overall. Misfortune struck our #9 kart driven by Nick Hale, when it was hit by another kart during practice and flipped four times, injuring our driver and damaging the kart badly.

The Sig Grand Prix team led by crew chief Nate Graber had the kart fully rebuilt and race ready within 48 hours of the crash. However, Nick was deemed "medically unfit" to drive the morning before race day and was not allowed to participate.

Sigma Chi Racing Rallies Around Kart #99

On race day, the whole team was on deck to help Spencer and the #99 kart. During the race Spencer consistently held a top five position, dodging between third and fourth. However, after he narrowly avoided a major wreck, his chain caught and snapped forcing him to come into the pits for a repair.

After a few other much needed tweaks from the crew, Spencer was still able to get back out on the track and place tenth overall (out of the 33 qualified karts and over 50 competing).

Sponsorships keep our teams going.

Racing Team Earns Two Awards

As a result of the Sig’s efforts both on and off the track, the Sigma Chi Racing Team was presented the Safety Award and the Stoops Crew Award, given to the team with the best overall comradery. Crew Chief Nate Graber ’18 commented "The crew award is my personal favorite as it goes to show our strong dedication as a team, always pushing each other to have the best season possible."

Nate also noted, "Because the Sigma Chi Grand Prix Team fully operates off of the sponsorships we receive, we are always appreciative of the alumni who take an active part in helping us prepare for the race and support us financially."

The team is already looking forward to #61!