"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Herrmann Entertains at Florida Sig Luncheon

Guest Speaker Mark Herrmann ’81 (center) was greeted by L-R: Mark Schellhase ’95, Mike Schellhase ’68, Bernie Sergesketter ’58 and Bill Frey ’62.

This year’s Sigma Chi luncheon was a great success as 30 brothers and their Sweethearts arrived at the Kensington Country Club in Naples, Florida on February 4th. The event was hosted by Anita and Joe McCabe.

Sigs and Sweethearts Enjoy Annual Event

The gathering of so many close friends made for a special day for all that could attend. Former Purdue All American quarterback Mark Herrmann ’81 served as the guest speaker for this event.

Herrmann Recounts Football Career (with humor)

Mark is a Delta Delta Sig, Class of 1981. In high school Mark was a forward on the Carmel team that won the Indiana State Basketball Championship in 1977. At Purdue he was quarterback and was named 1st team All American and Big 10 MVP his senior year. He also set an NCAA passing record that year. Mark played 11 seasons in the NFL.

Mark told interesting stories sprinkled with humor about all of these experiences along with how important Sigma Chi and Purdue has been in his life. You’ll enjoy the video at https://youtu.be/uYkdVLHSjus of Mark’s remarks as he recounts the highs and lows of his college and professional career.

Great to See Everyone

As always the day was a rewarding and fun one for those who attended:

  1. Fred Jones ’42
  2. Jim and Louanne Remley ’57
  3. Bob and D’Arcy Elsperman ’58
  4. Bob and Shirley Puzey ’58
  5. Bernie and Mary Sergesketter ’58
  6. Harry and Melanie Thompson ’58
  7. Joe and Anita McCabe ’60
  8. Gordon Skeoch ’60
  9. Bill and Sally Canfield ’61
  10. Tom Ross ’61
  11. Bill and Pat Frey ’62
  12. Paul and Betty Kuhnert ’65
  13. Bob and Anita Smith ’65
  14. Mike Schellhase ’68
  15. Jim and Sunny Neff ’71
  16. Mark Herrmann ’81
  17. Tom and Lydia Trotter ’81
  18. Mark Schellhase ’95

L-R: Joe McCabe, Paul Kuhnert, Bob Smith, Gordon Skeoch and Fred Jones

L-R: Sunny and Jim Neff, Bob and Shirley Puzey and Mary Sergesketter

L-R: Jim Remley, Harry Thompson and Bob Elsperman

L-R: Bill Canfield, Anita Smith, Pat Frey and Sally Canfield