"I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth"
~Sigma Chi Creed, George Ade ΔΔ 1887

Blue Formal Remains True To Tradition

Ali Perkins, with date Tyler Roark, was selected this year’s Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.

At the stroke of midnight the melody of the “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi” could be heard throughout the Great Hall as the brothers knelt on one knee and sang this classic tune to their dates. Ali Perkins, Brother Tyler Roark’s date, a junior and a member of the Delta Gamma Sorority, was chosen for this special honor this year.

From the stunning decorations to the long held Delta Delta traditions, Blue Formal continues to provide incredible memories for every Sigma Chi. This year was no different, as the brothers celebrated the end of a great first semester with the most storied formal dance on campus. The night could not have been as incredible as it was, though, without the preparations and contributions from every brother in the house.

Evergreen Arch Highlights Great Hall

The current class of pledges had the responsibility of building the centerpiece of the dance, the arch connecting the Great Hall to the Game Room. The pledges worked extremely hard cutting pine branches and creating a final product that was incredible. The week of hard work gave them the opportunity to grow closer as a pledge class, as well as build better relationships with the live-in brothers. It’s a week that provides many memories, before the dance even takes place.

Dining Hall Sparkles

The sophomores, the Delta Delta ’14 pledge class, were responsible for decorating the dining hall. They covered the walls with Christmas wrapping paper, lined the ceiling with lights, and decorated the massive Christmas tree that sat next to the fireplace. They also set up tables that held the stockings for each brother’s date. Brothers had the opportunity to decorate and fill their individual stocking as they pleased, a gesture that their dates really appreciated.

Class of ’14 Brothers (L-R) Stuart Hester, Declan Vea, Patrick Hughes, and Paul Gabor with their Blue Formal dates.

Christmas Tree Canopy Captures Blue Formal Charm

The junior pledge class, Delta Delta ’13, was responsible for lining the ceiling of the Great Hall with horizontally hanging Christmas trees, four on each side. The trees, covered in blue Christmas lights, combined with the arch turned the Great Hall into a visually stunning dance floor.

White Cross Greets Guests

The seniors had the task of building the white cross that outlines the entrance to the chapter house’s front door. They did an outstanding job this year, as the White Cross could be seen, lit up, from Littleton Street. It was a great finishing touch to the incredible decorations that each brother contributed.

The Great Hall glistens with the traditional Christmas Tree canopy.

Creating Lifetime Memories

The night of the dance gives each pledge class the chance to go out to dinner together, an event that always turns into a great time. Every pledge class had a great time spending time with their brothers as well as their dates, and the night’s festivities continued back at the transformed chapter house. There will be stories from this night that will no doubt continue on past our college days, as the memories and experiences of Blue Formal are an incredible aspect of being a Delta Delta Sig. For some brothers, it was their final Blue Formal, and for many others, they’re already looking forward to next December when they can do it all over again.

Tyler Izsak ‘14, Spencer Swarts ‘14, and Josh Lizama ‘14 enjoy the evening.

Article written by Michael Montgomery ’14.