Upcoming Events

Significant Sig Honors Dinner

Friday, October 11 (Homecoming Weekend)
Delta Delta Chapter House

2019 Significant Sigs


David R. Mead, Class of 1952  (David is in Chapter Eternal and his younger
brother Mic Mead, Class of 1955, will accept the award on his behalf.)

Robert G. Kaley II, Class of 1968

David Craig, Class of 1969

William L. Townsend, Class of 1975

Steven D. Cosler, Class of 1977


Football Game:  Saturday, October 12   Purdue vs. Maryland

Those planning to attend should contact their pledge class coordinators.

Class of 1952   Mic Mead       micmead1@aol.com
Class of 1968   Tom Leslie     skillet202@aol.com
Class of 1969   Tom Friel        thomas.friel@comcast.net
Class of 1975   John Buckingham      john.buckingham@pepperdine.edu
Class of 1977   Dave Hughes               david13hughes@gmail.com

Spouses and family members are welcome to attend.  Cost is $50 per person through a tax deductible contribution to the Delta Delta Annual Fund.

This is Homecoming Weekend so make your reservations as soon as possible.