Upcoming Events

Sigma Chi – Delta Delta Upcoming Events Calendar


  • February 8

    Indiana State Day

    Alumni are welcome to join the Sigs from all nine Indiana chapters at this annual celebration of Sigma Chi achievement and brotherhood. To register go to State Day Registration.

  • February 24

    Delta Delta Alumni Luncheon, Naples, FL

    All Delta Delta Sigs are invited to the Delta Delta Florida Alumni Luncheon for Brothers and their Sweethearts at the Royal Poinciana Golf Club in Naples, FL. Contact Bernie Sergesketter at bfs@sergesketter.com for details.

  • April 11

    Alumni Brotherhood Dinner

    Join the brothers at the 27th Annual Brotherhood Dinner to be held at the Delta Delta Chapter house on April 11. Our special guests this year are former Purdue football greats, Mark Herrmann ’81 and Bart Burrell ’81.  For all the details go to 27th Annual Brotherhood Dinner. RSVP to Matt Rittman at mrittman227@gmail.com.

  • April 13 – 14

    Mom’s Day

    The Brothers will be showing their Mom’s a great time when they all visit Delta Delta.

  • April 22 – 28

    Grand Prix Week/Race

    Alumni and brothers will rally around this year’s Sigma Chi Grand Prix Racing Team on April 28 for “The greatest day in college racing.” For more info on the Sig Kart Team and sponsorship opportunities go to ΣΧ Racing.