Centennial Celebration – September 13-15, 2013

Another Historic Occasion for Delta Delta

The day, the event, the brotherhood … all were perfect.

With over 200 alumni and sweethearts returning the weekend of September 13 – 15, the chapter celebrated two significant milestones. The first was the 100th Anniversary of the Chapter House that was built in 1912 and dedicated in 1913.

The House Corporation also took this opportunity to close out the 10 year fund raising and building campaign to Secure the Future of Delta Delta. The result was the largest, most successful chapter house renovation project ever undertaken by any Greek organization. This campaign raised $7.4 million through the contributions of over 800 alumni brothers and friends of Delta Delta.

Stories, Photos and Video Chronicle the Events

The video produced by Bernie Sergesketter ‘58 captures the highlights of the 100th Anniversary weekend from the unveiling of the next classic Sig song to lighting the match to burn the mortgage.

Stories on the 100th Anniversary Weekend and Centennial Celebration Program can be found by following the links. More details on the renovation campaign can also be seen at Chapter House Renovation.

What an incredible weekend! Thank you to all our alumni and undergraduate brothers who helped make this all possible.