Our Beloved Chapter House


Groundbreaking of the Sigma Chi Fraternity chapter house in 1911. George Ade ΔΔ1887 is holding the shovel.

Delta Delta’s Chapter House is one of Sigma Chi’s most renowned fraternity houses. Hundreds of Delta Delta brothers have called 202 Littleton Street home since its construction in 1912.

Over these many years it has always been more than a place to live, it has been a place to grow and learn for many young men during their collegiate days, and it houses the cherished memories of every brother who ever walked the halls of our beloved chapter house.

Purdue’s First Fraternity Chapter House

George Ade, one of Sigma Chi’s and Purdue’s most notable alumni led the fund raising and building campaign to construct the first fraternity chapter house at Purdue. The cornerstone is dated June 12, 1912 with the formal dedication coming in February 1913. It is located on a high hill overlooking the Wabash River east of campus. After undergoing timely renovations over the years, the original chapter house is still the home of Sigma Chi’s at Purdue. Originally designed to house 18 brothers, today it is the home of 65 – 70 undergraduate brothers. It‘s most recent renovation in 2007 brought the facility up to today‘s codes and standards and remains the most impressive chapter house on campus.

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