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Election Date: 2019

William Townsend has been the co-founder and chairman of businesses in areas of the environment, energy, chemicals, trading and transportation that have generated more than $2 billion in revenue.  He co-founded in 2001 Blue Source Cos., a market maker, advisor and capital source for environmental ventures and serves as its chairman and chief strategy officer.

Bill is also a founding co-investor of 360 Electrical, which creates personal solutions for intelligent power usage, and the Paradigm Project, which leverages environmental markets to benefit critical needs in developing world communities.  The Paradigm Project operated under the Clinton Global Initiative and as a United Nations Lighthouse Project.

Helping to Manage Climate Change
Bill is co-founder, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer for Bluesource, which he founded in 2001. Bluesource is a leader in the development, marketing and sales of environmental attributes and is the longest-standing firm of its type in North America, having the largest and most diverse portfolio of over thirty types of environmental assets.  Bluesource has developed emission reduction products for over 20 different technologies in over 100 locations across 48 states and 5 Canadian provinces.

In 2008 Bill co-founded Carbon Infrastructure Investments which was a $1 billion fund to develop carbon economy investments in infrastructure, origination, sourcing, distribution and development.  In 2010 Bill co-founded, and serves today as Chairman, for Tabula Rasa ManagementTabula Rasa is the only vent-stack sourced carbon dioxide, enhanced oil recovery company in the country.

A Genuine Desire to Help Others
As noted by a colleague,Bill Townsend ranks high among a short list of the finest business leaders today – and he is among the kindest, most sincere individuals I have ever met.”  Bill’s genuine desire to help others has led him in 2008 to be a founding investor in the Paradigm Project.  This program leverages environmental markets to benefit severe critical needs in developing world communities. Paradigm was a Clinton Global Initiative Fellow and a United Nations Lighthouse Project.

Bill’s other philanthropic activities include People of the Second Chance, Defy Ventures, Relevate/Axiom, Lifesource, Good News Legal Clinic, Bridgeway Foundation and Danielle Byron Henry Migraine Foundation.  These organizations work with people with criminal histories; prevent deaths due to legally-prescribed medications; provide low-cost legal services to immigrants in Utah; eradicate genocide; and increase public awareness of migraine disease.