28th Annual Delta Delta Alumni Golf Outing

While everyone around us seemed to get rained on, the Delta Delta brothers on the golf course stayed dry and had a great day of golf and brotherhood.
Class of '80

Class of ’80 Champions: L-R: R.L. Berry, Jim MacDonald, Mike Spooner and Bob Marks.

Pledge Classes Return

Three classes took advantage of the Sig outing to get their pledge brothers together for mini reunions.  These included the Class of ’68 celebrating 50 years, the Class of ’83 gathering after 35 years and the Class of ’17 getting everyone together after graduating just a year ago.

The Class of ’68 met Friday evening for dinner at McGraw’s; the Class of ’83 met early at the golf course and hung out till all hours Saturday evening; and the Class of ’17 started even earlier and finished late into the evening.

It was great seeing these brothers enjoying their time together upon their return to 202 Littleton.  We would encourage every reunion class to use the Alumni Golf Outing as an opportunity to get the boys back together at Delta Delta.

'83 2nd place

2nd Place: Class of ’83 (L-R) Eric Heeke, Paul Hadley, David Steele and Mike Liesman.

Outstanding Golf Played By Class of ’80 Winners

The Purdue Ackerman golf course was in great shape leading to some very good scores.  The Class of ’80 took top honors with 14 under par, with foursomes from the Classes of ’83 and ’17 tying for second with 12 under rounds.  In a putt off the more senior brothers from the Class of ’83 relegated the younger alumni brothers to 3rd place.  The Class of ’71 reclaimed the top spot in the Senior’s category with an impressive round of 13 under. The 55 golfers who took part all enjoyed playing the scenic and fun course.

The brothers were treated to a great steak dinner back at the chapter house following the golf.  Following the dinner awards and raffle prizes were given out by Guenter Haines ’95.  We also wanted to thank Brian Griffiths ’95 for organizing this annual event and Butch Brose ’09 for having the house ready for everyone’s return.

'17 3rd place

Taking third place Class of ’17 bros (L-R) Peter White, Alex Parisi, Scott Sage, and Mitch Campbell.

More Golfers Needed in 2019

The Delta Delta golf outing is the longest running fraternity event of this kind at Purdue.  We just completed our 28th year.

Our level of participation has continued to decline over the past few years and for us to keep this a top tier event we need more golfers.

We encourage reunion classes to make the golf outing a destination for your class.  Those classes that have returned found the ability to interact greater and the expense much less than during a football weekend.  Dave Steele ’83 remarked, “Those in my class who returned for our 35th reunion had a great time.  It was really nice to catch up with everyone and our time together brought back a lot of fond memories.”

Class of '71 Winners

Senior Champions again! Class of ’71 golfers, Scott McConnell, Larry Nicolet, Dave DeHebreard and Tim Buckley. Not pictured Jim Smith and Tom Ford.

Class of '68 Under the Letters

Class of ’68 Under the Letters (L-R) Bob Weskamp, Stence White, Ken Schutte, Mike Campbell, Bob Utterback, Tom Leslie, Doug Widell, Duane Bowers, Bob Kaley, Jim Chapin and Frank Hughes

MAKE PLANS NOW TO RETURN IN 2019.  Put this date on your calendar, June 8th, and start lining up your foursomes now.  We encourage a golfer in each class to put together a foursome or two and meet us on the course.

Class of ’16 – ’17 (L-R) Kent Skiles, Alex Parisi, Mitch Campbell, Carson Lots, CJ Johnson, Jesse Mudd, Kyle Johnson, Spencer Owen, Scott Sage, Peter White, Max Long, Avik Maewell, Rajiv Samagond

Class of '77 golfers

Class of ’77: L-R: Tom Schneider, Preston Cobb, Brian Dawson, JB Carson, Jeff Early and John Loop. Not pictured Joel Draper and Phil Steele.

Class of '83 reunion

Class of ‘83: L-R: Dave Westerbeck, Paul Hadley, Mike Liesman, Guy Thomas, David Steele, Eric Heeke, and Stew Jepson.

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Fred Hogbristle 1977

The ’77 manley men! Awesome PBs.


Fred 1977

Manley men.. awesome PBs.


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