Chapter House Gets SIGnificant Make Over

It was the fall of 2007 that we dedicated the renovated Delta Delta Chapter House that George Ade originally built in 1912. At the time it was the largest, most expensive fraternity chapter house renovation project ever undertaken in the Greek world at a cost of $7.4 million.

The complete refurbishment of the Delta Delta Chapter House allowed our historic fraternity home to accommodate future generations of Sigma Chi brothers at 202 Littleton Street.  This endeavor was totally funded by alumni contributions.

It has been 11 years since the renovation of the Chapter House and it was time to refresh a number of the public rooms and the exterior of the chapter house.  Led by Butch Brose ’09 there was a long, long list of significant improvements made this summer to the academic wing (Library, study rooms), Great Hall, Dining Room and the exterior of the house. See list and photos below.

Alumni Donations Fund Significant Chapter House Improvements

Through the leadership of Significant Sig and Order of Constantine brothers Bernie Sergesketter ’58 and Jim Dora ‘58, the Delta Delta Annual Fund was established in 2008 to provide funding for future major repairs and upkeep.

Donate Online to Annual FundIt has been through the generosity of many of our alumni brothers that resources are available to make major improvements.  This ensures that our chapter house is an attractive, safe place to live that inspires and welcomes future generations of Delta Delta Sigs.

The improvements made this summer cost close to $80,000.  In order to continue to maintain the chapter house to this level, alumni support from more brothers is needed through participation in the Annual Fund. For more information on how you can contribute to the Annual Fund go to Delta Delta Annual Fund.

2018 Chapter House Updates

Chapter House Exterior
Repaired lintel above Academic Wing window
Complete exterior of chapter house painted
Entrance foyer repainted
Parking lot sealed and restriped

New carpeting installed
Walls painted
Lahr Hotel large table top refinished
Couch reupholstered
New study table, end tables purchased

Education Wing
All walls painted
New carpeting in breakout room, presentation room and halls
LVT tile placed on steps on stairs from Ed wing to Great Hall
Significant Sig and Order of Constantine plaques set in oak track
Display cabinets updated with historical items
Peterson plaque with “award years listed” added in Break Out room
Chapter Balfour nominee plaque updated with undergrad names

Great Hall
Hardwood floors sanded and restained
New carpeting
Couches and benches reupholstered
Coffee table refinished

Dining Room
Hardwood floors sanded and restained

3 Responses to “Chapter House Gets SIGnificant Make Over”

Todd Kaminski 1982

Great JOB Butch!!! Proud to be a Delta Delta Sigma Chi.


John Sand 1954

It is really heartwarming to me to see that the refurbished chapter house is being so well maintained. I graduated in ’58 and have visited the house numerous times over the years. With the work done this summer it looks as good, if not better than I remember it. I and a number of my classmates will visit the house the last weekend in September and are eager to meet the brothers responsible for this great work. IH, John Andrew Sand


Dudley Foster '49

I visited the chapter house in early Aug. while on a college visitation trip with my grandson. We slipped in through the kitchen and could see the renovation was a work in progress, but was going to make a very real difference. First visit back since our 50th in 1999. BIG changes, all for the good. See you next year for the 70th. IH Dudley


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