Class of ’73 Celebrates 45 Years of Brotherhood

Class of 73 with EX and Purdue flags

Class of ’73 Brothers Returning for their 45th Class Reunion (L – R) Denis Cyrus, Richard Kuntz, Brad Black, Dave True, Tom Martin, Mark Sand, Doug Strawbridge, Harold Force, Rob Baumann, Bill Gurry, Mark McClure, John Harrison and Fred Coon.

Double 4 Ranch Hosts Gathering of Brothers and Sweethearts

It was February of 1970 when a group of 19 very young men decided to make their Purdue “home” together at 202 Littleton Street.  On August 2 – 5 of 2018, thirteen of these Pledge Brothers and their Sweethearts celebrated their 45th year as Delta Delta of Sigma Chi Alumni at the Double 4 Ranch of Pledge Brother Dave True near Wheatland, WY.

From the minute that the PBs began to arrive, the years seemed to vanish as incredibly close friendships were instantly rekindled.  There was lots of catching up to do, and everyone seemed to pitch in with helping Mel True with the tasks of hosting a group of nearly thirty people.

Delta Delta Sigs Celebrate 45th reunion

“Still at the top after all these years.” (L-R) John Harrison, Denis Cyrus, Tom Martin, Dave True, Mark McClure, Fred Coon, Brad Black, Bill Gurry, and Harold Force.

Energies were fueled by cold 16 oz. cans of Boiler Gold, and the incredible enthusiasm of our being together again.  Old, well-worn jokes and nicknames were new and laughable once again.  Stories and tall tales were verified or contested.  Most of all, everyone felt good about being together.

Where the Deer and the Antelope Roam

With more than 80,000 acres where the buffalo roam and the deer and antelope play (seriously!) at our disposal, we spent much of two days exploring the Double 4 and adjacent areas on ATVs, logging nearly 75 miles in the process.  We clawed our way up Black Mountain and climbed up to a Forest Service fire watch tower. Some of us enjoyed trout finishing in the East Laramie River, while others combined canoeing and fishing.

We explored miles of trails in high mountain pastures, and picnicked where forests had been devastated in the huge draught and Fire of 2012.   We even had the surprise of having a 5’ rattlesnake slither into our evening cookout.  Needless to say, it was his last roundup.

Still Very Proud to be a Delta Delta Sigma Chi

The Sigma Chi and Purdue flags flew proudly overhead throughout out gathering, as symbols of the bonds which were forged nearly fifty years ago and which remain strong to this day.  May God bless all of the Brothers of Sigma Chi at Purdue University.

Submitted by Harold Force ‘73

Sigma Chis on ATVs

Look out — here they come again!

Bill Gurry 73 fishing in Wyoming.

Bill Gurry ’73 trolling (?) for trout

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Nicholas Fritsch 1963

Harold and PB’s of The Class of 70; extremely well done and it is always gratifying to witness the Bonds are Reciprocal following our years in residence at Delta Delta. Snap! Snap!
Nick ’63


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