28th Annual Brotherhood Dinner Draws Big Crowd

2019 Brotherhood Dinner guests
The 2019 version of the annual Brotherhood Dinner had over 30 alumni in attendance along with 70 undergraduates in what turned out to be a great night of storytelling, recognition and fellowship.

The Main Event

The main event for the evening was honoring Jay Andrew ’98, Delta Delta’s Chapter Advisor for the past ten years, with the Ben Taylor Award.  This recognition is Delta Delta’s highest honor for service to the chapter.  See more on Jay’s honor at Andrew Receives Award.

Jerry Nelson, Sigma Chi Fraternity

Jerry Nelson, Huntsman Foundation

Huntsman Foundation Update

The chapter was also fortunate to have Jerry Nelson, who is serving as the Director of Sigma Chi & Special Projects for the Huntsman Foundation, attend our dinner.  Brother Nelson spoke to those in attendance about the commitment Sigma Chi has made to support cancer research through the Huntsman Foundation.  Through Derby Days events held by the Sigma Chi undergraduate chapters almost $2 million have been raised.  Delta Delta is on track to raise $20,000 by the end of the year.

Great Camaraderie

It is always rewarding to see the interaction between alumni and our younger brothers.  Both enjoy hearing stories about the house, present and past.  As the alumni go through the Good of the Order, it is inspiring to hear how much Sigma Chi has meant to them and their hope that future generations of Sigs find it just as rewarding.

Sigs enjoy a great meal and great comaraderie in the Great Hall.

Taking Care of the Arrangements

Through the efforts of Consul Wes Middleton ’20, Alumni Relations Chairman Bryce Cirbo ’19, Butch Brose ’09 and Phil Steele ‘77 all the arrangements were made to welcome our guests.  The chapter house looked great and the Great Hall was set up to accommodate the 100+ brothers.

Delta Delta’s chef did an outstanding job of preparing a wonderful meal of filet mignon, shrimp, vegetables, salad and dessert.  The kitchen crew, led by Mitch Brown and Cooper Gramling, made sure everything was served on time.

A Song to Get Us Out of Here

The evening concluded with a less than stellar rendition of “My Name is Sigma Chi”.  This may be the only thing we need to improve on for next year’s dinner.

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