Class of 2019 Off to New Adventures

Sigma Chi 2019 Senior Pledge Class

The Class of 2019 (L-R) Noah Talbot, Spencer Meredith, Bryce Cirbo, Riley Struck, Johnathan O’Toole, Arnav Vast, Jay Jennings, Greg Hannum, Daniel Hopfensperger, Matt Johnson, Kyle Sheehan, Daniel Montgomery, Harley Hudetz, Austin Nixon, Joseph Corcoran, Grant Parks, Drew Greene, Tony Carsten, Mitch LaRowe, Peyman Dalirifar, Julian Borysow, Jon Klindera and Richard Chen

Seniors Enter Ranks of Alumni Brothers

The House Corporation took the opportunity to welcome the Class of 2019 seniors into the ranks of Delta Delta alumni with a cookout on May 8 during Senior Week.  Twenty three members of this class were able to attend the catered steak dinner served in Delta Delta’s dining room.  This event is hosted by the House Corporation and arranged by Butch Brose ’09.

Each senior at the dinner had the opportunity to mention their future plans.  Those that were graduating were heading off to new jobs, while several had internships lined up before returning in the Fall for one more semester.

Advice From Their Elders

House Corporation members in attendance were House Corp President Tom Hall ’81, Todd Kaminski ’82, Butch Brose ’09, Phil Steele ’77 and Chapter Advisor Nate Gustus ’05.  Each alumnus spoke to the outgoing seniors about the role they can play once they leave Purdue.  They were encouraged to stay close to their pledge brothers and to use their Delta Delta experiences to go out and make a difference in their workplaces, homes and communities.

The Class of 2019 has made a significant impact during their four (or more) years at Purdue and we look forward to seeing what they achieve in the years to come.

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