Summer Upgrades Look GOOD!

Delta Delta Chapter House Game Room

The Game Room got a new look this summer.

Butch Brose ’09 and his merry band of workers have been hard at it over the past 2 ½ months doing summer recovery work at the Delta Delta chapter house.  This annual clean up and repair process has allowed us to ensure the chapter house is refreshed and ready for the undergrads upon their return in August.

Major upgrades are paid for through the annual fund, more routine cleaning and repairs are paid by the House Corporation, and extraordinary damages come out of the undergrads damage deposits.

Game Room Gets New Look

This summer Butch spent extra time refreshing the appearance of the Game Room.  This entailed a new look as the walls were painted a complimentary gray with the black trim throughout.  It looks really nice. The marble floor will be refurbished during the Winter break.

Delta Delta Chapter House Great Hall couches

Great Hall couches, chairs and benches all were reupholstered.

Other cosmetic improvements included replacing the curtains in the Dining Room, cleaning the drapes in the Great Hall, and reupholstering the 2 red sofas, the 2 benches, and 8 straight back chairs.  The Night Kitchen refrigerator was replaced, and a new deep fryer was purchased for the kitchen.

Most of the interior of the house received a fresh coat of paint and all the vinyl tile in the hallways was stripped and cleaned thoroughly.  A big job!

Archives Getting Extra Attention

Thanks to the efforts of Ralph Bline ’71 Delta Delta’s massive assortment of archival material is being sorted with the goal of determining the best way to organize and preserve it.  Ralph has redone the two display cases outside the Library with selected historical items.

Delta Delta Chapter House historical display cases

Display cases were redone.

Ralph and Butch have also taken on the task of preserving the composites for the past twenty years. This will allow reunion classes to return and stare at their old composite and say to themselves, “What was I thinking with that haircut?”

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