New Significant Sigs Honored at Memorable Dinner

“The Significant Sig dinner was an outstanding milestone for Delta Delta, five recipients in one year. It was inspiring to see attendees from 19 years old to 80. There was a beautiful mix of inspiration, laughter and a true feeling of Sigma Chi brotherhood,” remarked Don Palmer ‘76.

Delta Delta Significant Sigs

New Significant Sigs (L-R) Bill Townsend ’75, Bob Kaley ’68, David Craig ’69, Steve Cosler ’77 and Mic Mead ’55 on behalf of David Mead ’52.

Delta Delta’s five newest recipients of the Significant Sig award were recognized at a dinner held in their honor on October 11th at the Delta Delta chapter house.  This honor is presented to brothers who have excelled in their chosen fields of endeavor.

This year’s group of inductees included David Mead ’52, Robert Kaley ’68, David Craig ’69, William Townsend ’75 and Steven Cosler ’77.  Delta Delta now has 56 Significant Sigs – the most of any chapter in the Fraternity.  It is also the largest group of brothers (5) to receive this award at one time.

Reflections on a Great Evening

Bernie Sergesketter ‘58 and his wife, Mary, reflected on the dinner on the way back to Chicago and came to the same conclusion that it was the best event they had ever attended at dear old Delta Delta.  All the honorees gave inspirational commentaries, and you could feel the love in the room throughout the evening.

“It was an inspiring evening with over 100 brothers attending spanning over 65 years.  You can’t help but be very proud that there are more Delta Delta Significant Sigs than any other chapter in Sigma Chi,” noted Steve Cosler ’77.

Awards Presented

John Buckingham ’75 served as MC and with the help of former Grand Consul’s Richard Hester and Keith Krach ’79 presented each of the recipients their plaque, certificate and medal.  Each honoree was introduced by the brother who nominated them and then had the opportunity to speak to the gathering of over 100 alumni brothers and guests.

Robert Kaley ‘68 commented, “I thought this evening had to be one of the standout events in dear old 202’s history.  It truly speaks of the brotherhood of this chapter that so many brothers from so many places would return to 202 to celebrate the new Significant Sigs and all those who have previously been so honored.  It is truly humbling to be able to be a part of this wonderful fraternity, and most of all, of this wonderful chapter.”

Over 100 Delta Delta alumni and guests fill the Great Hall for the Significant Sig Honors Dinner.

What a great event, so grateful to receive the honor at 202 Littleton with 100+ people celebrating.  I am very honored to be a Delta Delta Sigma Chi and most honored to be a significant Delta Delta Sigma Chi,” wrote Dave Craig ’69.

Mic Mead ’55 concluded, “Delta Delta Sigma Chi alums out did themselves as did the active members.  The meal was beautifully served and being among such accomplished people with my brother’s (Dave Mead ’52, who I spoke for) family was amazing.”

Undergrads Deserve Special Thanks

Wes Middleton ’20, Frank Muehleman ’20, Benji Hudson ’20, and David Kratzman ’21 were responsible for coordinating all aspects of the dinner.  From renting tables, chairs and other items, to setting up and tearing down, and arranging with Wes, Delta Delta’s chef, to serve and clean up after the meal.  Things could not have gone smoother.

ΣΧ Grace and a Rousing Send Off

Consul Wes Middleton ’20 also did the honors of welcoming our guests and leading the group in the Sigma Chi Grace.  Wes, along with a number of undergraduates, also helped end the evening with the singing of the “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi” and a rousing rendition of My Name is Sigma Chi.  I’m not sure the Great Hall has heard over 100 Sigs belt out these songs with such gusto in quite a while.

John Buckingham, Mic Mead and Dick Hester

Tom Leslie, Bob Kaley, Dick Hester

Brian Craig, David Craig, Dick Hester

Keith Krach, Bernie Sergesketter

Jim Vruggink, Phil Steele

Dick Hester, Steve Cosler, Don Palmer

John Buckingham, Bill Townsend, Dick Hester

15 Significant Sigs in attendance at Significant Sig Honors Dinner.

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