George Ade’s Greatest Hits To Help Restore Historic Hazelden

Book "Plays Worth Remembering" George Ade

A Veritable Feast of George Ade’s Greatest Hits.

Long before Casey Kasem had his Top 40 Countdown, George Ade was writing and producing hit plays on Broadway. George Ade’s great nephew, William C. Ade, has released a new set of books titled Plays Worth Remembering: A Veritable Feast of George Ade’s Greatest Hits featuring the most comprehensive collection of George Ade’s best plays.

Most Comprehensive Collection of Ade’s Plays

Ten years’ worth of research, collection, and writing has culminated into this two-volume set featuring 14 plays, 2 silent films, George’s short autobiography, and reflections by William Ade. Many of the works have never been published before.  Ade’s plays offer a valuable and funny commentary on politics, community and social norms in the late 1800s/early 1900s.

In addition to being the most comprehensive collection of Ade’s plays, this set also includes new passages written by author and editor William C. Ade on George’s life and personality.  All a product of a lifetime worth of research and stories from family, friends, and neighbors about his dear great-uncle.

The set also contains hand-drawn stage designs, choreography suggestions, poster art, and photos all from George’s life and works, including high quality full color portraits.

Proceeds Go To Hazelden Restoration Fund

George Ade, ∆∆ 1887, and Hazelden are an important part of Delta Delta’s legacy.  Hazelden has hosted class reunion dinners and provided a local connection to George Ade, Delta Delta’s earlier benefactor and inspiration to future generations of Sigma Chi’s. It is important that our chapter support this restoration effort.

Goorge Ade's home, Hazelden

Hazelden with similar architecture to the Delta Delta chapter house is located in Brook, Indiana.

All proceeds from the sale of books sold through the Brook Library or the George Ade Historic Preservation Commission are being graciously donated to the Commission’s Hazelden Home Restoration Fund.  Any Sig wishing to find out more about obtaining this collection go to Ade’s Plays.  An order form is also available at Plays Worth Remembering Order Form.

For more information on the Preservation Commission or Plays Worth Remembering, please contact the Brook Library at 219-275-2471 or visit

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