A Sweetheart with a Passion to Serve

Kelsey Miller 2020 Sweetheart

Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Kelsey Miller

Kelsey Miller, a senior in Agricultural Economics, is Delta Delta’s reigning Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.  Kelsey has brought a renewed passion to the role our Sweetheart plays within the chapter and has been actively engaged in several initiatives working with the brothers.

Reaching Out to Sigma Chi’s International Sweetheart

In learning more about the different opportunities Kelsey can participate in, she has contacted Sigma Chi’s current International Sweetheart Lauren Lewallen. Lauren has given her a better idea as to what responsibilities come with the title of Sweetheart.

Role of Sweetheart May Vary

For each chapter the role of Sweetheart can vary.  Often this role is ceremonial in nature as brothers recognize someone who has gotten to know them well and typically dating one of the brothers. While others will be proactive in supporting the chapter and encourage participation in charitable and community service events.

At Delta Delta, Kelsey is combining her willingness to help the brothers on several projects and looking for ways to improve overall chapter engagement with the community and alumni.

Kelsey remarked, “I see the future Sweethearts contributing to the house by helping coordinate philanthropies, setting a good example for the brothers, and participating in various projects around the fraternity house.” One of which are the new benches on the back porch which Kelsey started.

Interfacing with Undergrads and Alumni

Kelsey Miller at Delta Delta

Kelsey painting one of the bench seats on the front patio.

Kelsey is also looking for ways to interface with the new initiates and alumni.  There could be opportunities to speak to the new members about how the Jordan Standard applies to their interaction with dates, girlfriends, and women on campus. Receiving advice from a senior woman could be highly instructive.

In working with the chapter’s leadership team, Kelsey is also looking for ways to involve alumni in a chapter philanthropy activity and organize events that encourages alumni to return to 202 Littleton. Kelsey noted, “Aside from just raising money for the chapter we would also like to look into giving them other options to contribute. Lauren Lewallen and I have spoken about looking into inviting different alumni classes back for a Blue and Gold Ball where we have an alumni class back each year with our International Sweetheart present.”

Seeking Ideas and Memories

“All in all, I am extremely excited to be the Sweetheart of this amazing chapter and I cannot wait to see all of the great things the brothers will achieve,” commented Kelsey.

Kelsey would encourage our alumni to reach out to her with any ideas for the Sweethearts, memories of their Sweethearts, or how they might like to get more involved. She would love to bounce around new ideas or hear old stories.  Kelsey can be reached at mill2108@purdue.edu.

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