John Taylor ‘75 Named Significant Sig

John Taylor ’75

John Taylor ’75 (JT) has been a tremendously successful business owner across several industries over the course of his career.  JT’s astute business acumen has allowed him to take several companies, either via acquisition or from start-up, and improve their overall performance benefiting his investors and employees.

Brother Taylor combines his innovative business ability with his desire to contribute to his local community leaving an indelible mark on both. He describes himself: “I have realized over my business career that I enjoy the opportunity for rebirth, reinvention, or just embracing new ideas.  There is nothing better than building motivated teams and developing associates”.

Growing and Expanding Business Opportunities

Currently JT is CEO of Servantex,  Heart of the House Hospitality,  Faire Labor, and Acureal Technologies, all based in Indianapolis. These companies provide staffing and labor management services employing thousands of associates with operations in 27 states and 46 cities.  Servantex is the holding company started in 2014 that acquired hospitality businesses in Indianapolis, New York City, and Phoenix.   By 2019, the company had grown from $13MM to $55MM, significantly increasing overall profitability and diversifying its product offering and targeted markets.

Prior to this, JT was co-founder and COO of Morales Group Inc. from 2003-2013. Working closely with pledge brother, Tom Morales, JT was thrilled to assist in starting and investing through the early stages of this business.  Under Tom’s direction the Morales Group has been recognized as one of the fastest growing businesses in America.

Earlier in his career from 1977 – 2002, John as majority owner utilized his Mechanical Engineering and MBA degrees to start, acquire, and expand numerous companies.  JT noted, “The exhilaration of attracting talent, building teams, and achieving superior growth is only exceeded by the investments in individuals to achieve their own goals and personal ambitions.  Great companies with purpose can achieve so much more than just building wealth.  As owners we have enormous impact on thousands of associates and their families and communities.  The trust we earn by acting in a manner consistent with the standards of Sigma Chi, instills comfort for the present and hope for the future.”

Heart for the Community

Along with JT’s many business endeavors he has taken an active role in supporting and participating in his local community.

Brother Taylor was actively involved in 1984 with the founding of the Sycamore School in Indianapolis. He joined the Board of Directors for this Private Day School for Gifted Children. He provided guidance for good governance in creating executive leadership to a school that grew to 400 students by 1994 with 50 faculty and administrators. He served as Treasurer for 10 years and led the search committee for key leadership in 1994.  JT remarked, “This experience was the most rewarding and entrepreneurial activity of my career.”

JT also served for eight years on the Board and as President of the Friends of Holliday Park, an organization that exemplified unique private-public support for this premier public Indianapolis park.

The Town of Meridian Hills elected JT, Clerk-Treasurer where he served for 10 years. JT has also been actively involved in Boy Scouts for much of his life and has served as a Scout Master twice.

In 2020, JT founded Heart of the House Foundation to provide support services for excluded workers.   With the COVID pandemic hitting hospitality so severely, JT established this 501C3 to provide a safety net for workers and their families.

In July 2021 JT joins the Board of Trustees for the Indiana Chapter of the Nature Conservancy.

A Brother’s Reflection

Significant Sig Harold Force ’73 remarked, “Some of the circumstances in John’s business and personal life have been exceedingly challenging, even daunting.  And some, of course, very satisfying and rewarding. Regardless, he has handled such issues with honesty, respectability, and sensitivity, while maintaining and exhibiting a great sense of affability and personal respect. In simple terms, his adult life, as did his life as a student, has mirrored the standards of conduct so eloquently expressed in The Jordan Standard.”

Congratulations Brother Taylor on being named a Significant Sig.

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